Confession Friday: I Don’t Have Time to Write! AKA I Spent My Time Carving Pumpkins

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So you get pictures instead.

Pumpkin Carving 101…without direction… a photo shoot of model pumpkins

Pumpkins and Decorations Oh My!
Getting Ready for the Halloween Party!
The fist carved pumpkin
This one is going to have 3 little faces drawn on the small pumpkins and they will be on a skewer going into the big mouth
Carved Pumpkin 2
This one has little wrinkle lines that will shine through when lit…
Dog Watching Humans carve pumpkins
This is Dexter. He is thinking to himself, “Crazy fucking humans.”
More Pumpkin Carving
My work station
Carving Baby Pumpkins
Carving the Evil Piranha Pumpkins–not my best angle…
Dog watching humans carve pumpkins
“Stupid humans. That’s food.” (Right before he got up and started eating the innerts)
Attack of the Baby Pumpkins
My work of art. This year’s “Chrissy is sick and twisted” pumpkin. If there’s time, I’ll carve more crazy pumpkins!
baby Pumpkin piranhas
One more look at my work of art
More carved pumpkins
The work of my awesome roommates
Bad Ass Pumpkin
My roommate Anna’s work of art…This one drew blood. They say once a pumpkin tastes human blood…
Deep Sea Pumpkin
My other roommate’s pumpkin. This one is still in a process, it’s going to have a baby pumpkin hanging from the top like a deep sea fish.


Pumpkin Family
Family Photo…

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  1. I adore the crap out of those weirdo pumpkins! Way to go!

    I can’t carve pumpkins this year as we discovered in the spring that in addition to, ya know, everything else, Ry is allergic to squash, but I’m considering springing for an out-of-season watermelon…

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