Confession Friday: I’m a Sucker for Midnight

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Confession Friday: I went and saw Twilight last night. Yes. I’ve seen all but the first one at midnight. And all but the first two Harry Potters. (And the last 3 Harry Potter books at midnight.) And the Hunger Games movie. I’m  a sucker for things that teeny boppers dig. Sometimes I think that I’m a 12 year girl stuck in a grown up body. Except that I mostly dislike 12 year old girls. And I don’t want to be around them while I’m enjoying my kiddie movie. At midnight.

Twilight meme

So the last few years, I’ve spent an extra couple of bucks for all you can eat popcorn in a swag leather seat with free refills on my coffee and bar to seat service of booze, snacks, and desserts. Definitely worth the price in order to avoid the annoying…the lines, the wait, the screaming teenagers, the giggling teenagers, the unaccompanied teeny boppers, the text messaging, the talking, the swooning, and the biggest movie pet peeve of all–the clapping at the end. Movies are where a lot of my pet peeves happen…

But this time around, my fancy-pants movie theater decided to charge $35 for an all-day affair. Fuck. That. I’m too old to sit in a theater all day to watch a Twilight marathon. And I’m a Polak, unwilling to spend $35 on anything.

And for some strange reason, the movie was shown at 10, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45, 11, and so on until 1 o’clock in the morning. This made it less magical, but it also made it easy to choose which show to go to. The big “open” was at 10 PM…and there was only one 10:30 show… no lines? no crowds? Not even a full theater? I’m OK with this. What baffled me, though, was the line of camped out midnight die-hards. Dude. Go see the movie. Don’t sit there waiting while the rest of us are already on our way into the theater. Seriously.

As I was driving home shortly before 1 AM, I realized last night, that I may be too old for Twilight. I spent more time making fun of the ridiculous in the movie than scoffing at how it didn’t measure up to the book. I think that says it all. Harry Potter is done. Twilight is done. I think that when the next Hunger Games comes out, I’ll see it at a respectable time on opening night. In my fancy-pants-no-kids-under-21-allowed-theater.

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    1. When you come visit, we’ll have to go to my fancy theater for a movie. I think you’ll really appreciate the lack of small and big children. And the booze. And free popcorn.

  1. I am a bit jealous. My life is boring… Fancy seats with all you can eat popcorn. I’m in! However movie going with steerage I am ALWAYS out! I hate the movie theater. The smell, the people, the way over priced stuff. The talking, glowing phone screens and yes of course the clapping.

    One thing I have to say, you are never too old for a bit of fantasy!

  2. Lmao! I totally woulda gone to watch it with you. I am right there with you! Watched Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games….and now when I watch them …I too think I am a bit too old for it now…it’s just weird….maybe I think I’ll just stick to reading the books.

    One time I went to watch Twilight and the theater was throwing out t-shirts/cds/STUFF and there was this mom that FOUGHT with her daughter for the stuff right in front of me….I thought it was awful…

    I guess I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD….

  3. Welcome to cranky old adulthood. I hope you don’t lose your enthusiasm for…stuff. I mean that is part of what makes you…YOU! You do everything full throttle and with the excitement of a young person even though you are an adult. Hold onto that as long as you can!

    1. LOL. Oh, no worries…Me and stuff are still hardcore. Just wait until you see all the cool stuff that happened this weekend!

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