Things I Think in Church – Easter Sunday Edition

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You guys, I don’t want to sound like a heathen, because I’m totally not…I just don’t find myself frequenting the house of God. So on Sunday, when I showed up and made my mom cry (with joy) because I’m such a good daughter pretty much the best daughter ever, it wasn’t like a regular thing. Especially considering our move on Saturday (more on that later)…and our now living 35 minutes from my parents (and the church) instead of 15 from the parents and 10 from church.

Anyways, I started thinking (as I tend to do), and I couldn’t stop. So I figured you’d appreciate (if not commiserate) with me.

  • I think I’m having a panic attack. Okay, so to be fair, I did eventually figure out the problem…Before heading to church, I stopped at Walgreen’s for Easter basket treats for my favorite tiny humans. This means very little, except that as I was walking to my car, I started feeling that faint, OMG I’m dying and can’t seem to stop shaking thing. Of course, I realized quickly it was some type of caffeine spike or coming down from one…because (Whoops!) I used my Brew Over Ice coffee (highly concentrated) instead of regular Keurig coffee-without ice. So I slammed two of the chocolate-covered Peeps that were supposed to go in Easter baskets (I would have just had one, but you can’t give one kid a Peep and not the other…) and made my way into mass. I was shaking for the first 20 minutes.
  • I wish I had an Easter hat. Remember when you were a kid and you really actually got an Easter bonnet to wear each year? I’m going to start doing that.
  • Why didn’t I bring my phone in with me? I suppose it’s better this way…but when I finally started wondering what time it was-you know…15 minutes in, I had to scan the pews for a watch I could read.
  • Do you think Father is trying to punish the Chreasters or have a larger audience to talk about himself? After a 40-minute sermon, I was getting antsy. So I verbalized this question to my mom. Who looked at me funny. And asked what I meant by “Chreaster.” I explained (in a humored whisper) that a Chreaster is someone who shows up to church on Christmas and Easter. She chuckled and said, “Well, SOME people put Mother’s Day into that list.” Yeah Mom, I get the hint. I told her we call those CME’s. And she shushed me again. She never did answer my question though.
  • What TIME is it? I realized we hadn’t even gotten to the consecration (of course, when I whispered this to my mom, I called it “the kneeling part”) and I found a watch relatively close by….it was almost 1 o’clock already!
  • That kid is too old to be fucking around. There was a kid, probably 8 or 9 years old, laying down across the pew, sprawling himself out and just behaving like a very small child. I understand that there are many non-verbal things that could be going on with the child that I wouldn’t know about, but based on the fact that Mom kept picking him up and he kept laying himself back down, he likely just wasn’t listening to her. If that had been me? I’d have been taken outside and spanked…then brought back in and expected to sit quietly and behave for the rest of mass.
  • That guy’s pants are way. too. tight. Okay, so my mom was actually the one to verbalize this, but she was totally right. Don’t let your man wear tighter pants than you. That’s what I always say!
  • I really hope that people can’t hear what I’m thinking. I pretty much think this all the time, no matter where I am. Sometimes my thoughts are inappropriate as fuck and other times they’re just plain weird.

Unfortunately for my mom, I verbalized most of my thoughts, but whatever. There’s nothing more fun than making your mom cry and then laugh. But only if she’s crying the happy cry. Don’t be an asshole. Duh.

Did you go to church this weekend? Do you go to church? Do you think weird things when you’re supposed to be pensive and reflective?

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20 Responses

  1. I hear you Chrissy! Maintaining focus in church is an extreme challenge. You may like my family’s Easter, we use the holiday as an excuse for a variety of competitive gaming opportunities involving eggs.

      1. I feel like such a hypocrite when I’m there. I don’t believe most of what they’re saying and spend a lot of my time there rolling my eyes because I think what they’re saying is bullshit.

  2. There are many hypocrites’ out there Chrissy, and I don’t think you are a heathen. It was Easter and you made your mom happy. Life get in the way of religion at times, but your faith dwells in your heart of hearts. You will be able to catch up with praying when you get to be my age, 71. My faith has taken me through many a hard times. One of them being beating cancer three times. Don’t worry I once blew a bubble during a sermon that popped loudly because my mind was not on the sermon, I am still here. :o)

    1. Thanks Patricia! I know that the most important thing (for me anyways) is faith and belief. And those have yet to falter. So I figure I’m alright.

      I can just imagine that bubble popping and I can’t stop laughing as I think about it.

  3. Nope I didn’t, but when I do, I think of unusual things too. Especially during communion. I’m shocked we weren’t kicked out before we quit coming… My greatest accomplishment during a sermon? Writing a limerick about ADD on the back of the program.

    1. LOL. I’m always shocked I don’t get kicked out. But I am THOROUGHLY impressed with your limerick writing during mass. I occasionally write blog posts in my head (I really wish I had written EVERYTHING I thought down, because there was more.)

  4. You are a good daughter. I keep giggling about the man wearing his tight pants to church. I wonder who he was trying to impress?

    I’m really kind of glad I don’t have a religion and just have my beliefs. I’m with Brian.

  5. When I went to church regluarly I used to actually avoid the major holidays because the extra crowds drove me nuts. I find I tend to sing in my head during church which is a problem because I’m pretty sure I’m going to start singing out loud one of these days.

  6. Ummm…listening to the sermon(and NOT saying SHHHH many times to your child) is truly the way to enjoy going to church. It’s a good thing…not a chore. Really! I have always had a passion for my religion. But I must say, sometimes it is hard to make it every week. So we DVR mass every Sunday at 9:30 just in case.
    Thanks for coming Sunday.

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