All I Want for Christmas is You? A Random and Ridiculous Christmas Wishlist

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Okay. That’s a total lie. But this is the 2013 Christmas list of things you should buy for the people you love.

Last year, I offered you my Christmas wishlist and I didn’t get ANYTHING from it, BRIAN. But I did get a Keurig. And it was wonderful. And just this morning I was obsessively organizing all of my K-cups like a good little OCD gal. So it all worked out in the end.

This year, I’m not putting out a Christmas list for myself…except for the toy dinosaurs.

Because there’s really not a lot that I need, and very little that I want, I thought it would be fun to offer a list of things that we can all appreciate. And that you should want too. Because the following items are awesome. Or I really like the person who makes them and am sharing their awesome with you. Or both. Obviously.

OKAY FINE. Aside from the dinosaurs… this list of gifts comes from people I know and love.

If you’re Brian, you’ve been redirected here because I don’t want you to see your Christmas present. Obviously.

Oh and on a side note, for those of you waiting patiently for a Christmas card from Brian and I…there’s been some sickness going around that has deterred us from a proper photoshoot, so they will be coming closer to Christmas time. That also means if you haven’t e-mailed me your address, you can still get a Christmas card (and possibly a surprise Scrabble ornament) from yours truly.

The Random and Ridiculous Christmas Wishlist

Because you know you want this stuff!

Toy Dinosaurs

OK, this one isn’t for you. It’s for me. I really want a bunch of toy dinosaurs of varying sizes. Please don’t ask me why. I don’t want you to steal my brilliant idea. And I do have. A. Brilliant. Idea. Trust me on this one.

Anything from Dome Life Studios

Lillian Connelly makes whimsical jewelry, original paintings and prints, and so much more! Below, you can see yours truly modeling one of the unique and beautiful necklaces. You want her stuff. You know you do.

Cool Wall Art

Simply Shelli is a new Etsy seller with this really cool hand painted wall art. Ok, and she’s my college Mama.

Wonderful World

Fancy Pants Quilts

Nicole Maroon, The Girl Who Quilts offers unique and beautiful handmade quilts, pillows and bags on her Etsy store. You’ll seriously love them.

The girl who quilts

Random Gifts for Everyone!

I couldn’t have a wishlist post without sharing my own Zazzle store…where you can find silly things I say on tee shirts.

I feel bitchy tee shirt

Do you have a small business online? Etsy? Zazzle? Deviant Art? Share it in the comments section!

What do you think, Blog Friends?

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8 Responses

  1. Well truthfully I don’t think I have any friends that would appreciate toy dynosaurs or hand painted wall art. I do occasionally buy something from Zazzle. I like their tee shirts designs and got one for a rockabilly concert. Lillian Connelly’s prints are cool too!

  2. Thank you for sharing my art! I love that picture of you wearing my necklace. You are so cute! I am dieing to know what is going to happen with the dinosaurs. That word art is calling me. I am off to etsy. Also, that Zazzle shirt is going to make me giggle all day long. I think zazzle was invented for witty people like you.

  3. I LOVE your wishlist. Had i known before that you wanted dinosaurs, I would have saved the 5 i JUST gave away to goodwill! (they were uber cute- but in a state of mania, i went through my studio and made one of 4 choices: Keep, Toss, LISTIA, Goodwill.)

    I usually spend the better part of the year collecting things that would “go well together” in a piece of art (with people in mind). By christmas time, most of my presents are almost done… 🙂

    I don’t have much of a wish list (however, i DO put up plenty of helpful hints on my FB page) 🙂

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