Brian Shares Saturday: Did You Miss Him?

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Brian’s had a busy few months. He just started a new job, so his sharing has been few and far between. Lucky for you, it seems like he may just be back. So without further ado, I give you…

Random Shit My Boyfriend Finds on the Internet

10 Things I Hate About You Health Ledger

There are several more of these sweet gifs if you click through to the imgur site linked on the pictures. I had to pick my favorites, and Heath Ledger tends to win. And who doesn’t love the stapler?   Have You Seen My Stapler

So, at work I’ve got a pretty small team. And they all know that Brian sometimes sends me random shit. And he hasn’t sent me much lately. So when he sends something, everyone gathers ’round my desk to check it out. And I didn’t pre-screen this one…So it basically went… ha ha ha WTF  ha ha ha…

You’ll see.

Disney  Movie AlternateTitlescute baby squirrel

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Btw….have I mentioned that I actually OWN a red Swingline? A guy I dated a few years ago got one for me as a gag. Jokingly a guy I used to work with would steal it on a weekly basis just to make me freak out. I’ve had it for going on 7 years and no joke, it’s never jammed on me.

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