In Which My Boyfriend Is “Cooler” Than Your Boyfriend

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I, along with a couple of our friends received the following e-mail last week.

From my boyfriend.

Yes, yes…He IS sometimes more creative than me. One day, I’ll show you the first e-mail he ever sent me. Maybe.

Good, you’re all here.
It was getting pretty late and the night watch has a price on all of our heads. Yes, Yes… BananaMan… the price on your head is still the highest. What? No! We have to continue using our code-names so they can’t track us down. Did you bring the map?
The Map
Good… good…. wait! No… that’s USELESS, BananaMan! Get your head in the game! That’s a map of the whole city. We need more specific intel about our targets.
NaughtyNurse, what kind of information did you get from the guards you cavorted with last night?
Gen Con Website
That’s better! Good job NaughtyNurse!
Gen Con Hotel Info
Hmmm…. Yes… we’ll need to regroup near the target but our “Investor” has backed out. We’ll have to fund this operation on our own, but I think the payout may be well worth the investment.
What’s that? No! You CAN’T change your codename to “QuirkyChrissy”, CheeseWiz. Yes…. yes… we all know how much you hate cheese-wiz… you’ve been complaining about it ever since you were assigned that code-name… you KNOW its short for “Cheese Wizard”. Fine… Fine. Ok.ok.ok.ok…. pick another type of cheese then.
Oh. you have some scouting information for our basecamp? You think that close proximity to the target may be expensive and that one of your “contacts” may be able to stash us away for the duration of the caper? Do you trust them, though?
Travel Site 1
Travel Site 2
Well… that’s a start at least.
What? No I didn’t actually have an assignment.
I’m the team leader!
No. No one voted for me…. well, see, there was this chick in a lake that handed me a sword…

But…you’re probably asking yourself…WHAT does it all mean?

We’ll be spending the entire 4 glorious gaming days in August at Gen Con. At a hotel that doesn’t have bedbugs. AND I need a new code name.

Pictures from Gen Con 2012.

Gen Con Gen Con Gen Con

I’ve got LOTS of questions for you guys!

So what should my code name be? Do you go to any cons? Which one(s)? Would you participate in Cos-play (dressing up in nerdy costumes at conventions)? Should I? I’m thinking about live blogging while I’m there. What are your thoughts on that?

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11 Responses

  1. Ok knowing Cheese Wiz stands for “Cheese Wizard” rocks. Keep it.

    I haven’t been but this summer I’m going to the Toronto Fan Expo which is essentially Comic-con Canada. Richard Dean Anderson is going to be there! I wouldn’t dress up myself but would fully rock a comic book t-shirt or something nerdy. If you’ve got a costume idea I say do it! As for live blogging, I think you should just enjoy your time there and then do a series of blogs afterwards once you’ve processed the whole even rather in bits and pieces.


  2. Hmmm, I’ve never been to a con and I really don’t think I’d dress up in some weird costume. Halloween is a stretch for me and I got a Romney mask and gave candy at the door to hispanic kids. I also told them to be sure to vote 😉

  3. Halloween leaves me puzzled now days. I definitely don’t want to be a zombie. Maybe I could be Tor Johnson in “Bride of the Monster”.

  4. I have always wanted to attend a con, but it just hasn’t been in the cards thus far. So then I shall live through you vicariously. I will require your live blogging of the event. And you should DEF. dress up, cuz this isn’t about you. You’re doing this for *ME*, okay?

    Code name? I got nothin’. I just spent all my funny on that thing just then. I am sorry.

    1. You should DEFINITELY go to a con. Gencon rocks my happy little gamer nerd world. It’s my happy place. I will definitely set aside some live blogging time. Or at least a lot of live Tweeting/Facebooking. And I’ve got a Poison Ivy costume AND a Wonder Woman costume that I’m dying to get some use out of. 😀

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