I Ate Vegan and Didn’t Die. On an Unrelated Note, I Also Met Someone Famous and Didn’t Make an Ass of Myself. I Didn’t Talk Either, so There’s That…

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After my run-ins with The Bloggess, Dr Travis Stork, and other semi-famous people who I’ve made an ass out of myself in front of…you’d think I’d be used to dealing with this sort of nonsense.

Let me start from the beginning.

A few months ago, a friend of ours invited us to go see Toad the Wet Sprocket in Chicago. I thought to myself, “self, you really enjoyed Toad the Wet Sprocket in the 90’s. Remember middle school? That shit was the bomb. Dancing in a big circle, huddled up with your closest pals, swaying to the music and smiling at the boy you had a crush on? Go. Seriously. Go to this concert.”

So we made plans…and then magically, Saturday, it was Toad the Wet Sprocket. Our friend Will thought that dining at a vegan restaurant would be a brilliant idea…while my boyfriend and I…well…we had a lot of fun laughing about it before hand. Phrases like this were bounced around on Saturday morning:

“Fake cheese is an abomination.”

“Wait. Chicken wings? Why lie? Why not call them tofu sticks?”

“I can’t take this place seriously.”

And so we decided that we absolutely HAD to go to this vegan locale, because at the very least, I’d get a funny blog post out of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a terribly funny blog post, because I got the most stereotypical vegan entree (a salad) that contained no fake cheese or fake meat. F that. I did manage to try a fake chicken tender…which was surprisingly okay. Even if the texture was a little weird.

But the part about this visit that was particularly blog-worthy had nothing to do with the food at said vegan restaurant. And EVERYTHING to do with the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert that we’d be attending a block away.

One minute I was making fun of a fake chicken wing; the next minute Will is all, “What’s going on, man?” to this guy standing at the counter ordering. “We’re looking forward to the show,” he says…


Glen Phillips, lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprockets was getting ready to nosh on some vegan fair. And he was totally cool.

And I was totally speechless.

Our other friend managed to strike up an entire conversation with him, about how great he looked for his age (he really does look like he’s in his 20’s.) And I just sat there, barely saying a word. Thinking all of the things I wanted to say.

  • “Can I interview you?”
  • “Can I get your picture?”
  • “Can I touch your chest?”
  • “Your voice makes me want to have your babies.”

No? Probably shouldn’t go there on date night with the boyfriend sitting right next to me…right?

So I said nothing. And he smiled. And made us laugh. And then a few hours later, he was jammin’ out on stage. It was…pretty fantastic. By the way, if you dig on 90’s tunes, and have the chance? GO. Go see Toad the Wet Sprocket. They are JUST as amazing live as they are on the radio or an album. Super impressive.


I mentioned this before at the Wallflowers concert we attended a few months back…but it needs to be reiterated.

I seriously wanted to cut the bitch who was texting on her phone all night long three rows in front of us. Or the bitch behind us who kept taking videos and pictures. I was mostly impressed with the lack of visible technology because the majority of concert-goers had RESPECT for the other audience members…But the few that were all up in the video/camera/busy checking Facebook/texting world? Stop being douchebags. Turn your tech off for a few hours and enjoy the music.

And that’s why I have no pictures of said concert.

How was your weekend blog friends? If you’re in the central Illinois area (or anywhere in the midwest devastated by Sunday’s storm), my thoughts go out to you and your families. Even up here in the west suburbs it was terrifying…I can’t imagine what it was south of us.

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16 Responses

  1. Yikes! It’s hump day already and you ask about the weekend? Actually not too exciting. Saw “The Dallas Buyers Club” and “Kill Your Darlings”, which was about the beats in the 50’s who were thoroughly decadent but quite educated. No texting then for sure! Last night I went to a local dive bar for karaoke which was fun. The women were generally pretty good and the men were silly or sentimental. Sorta like in life.

  2. Really wasn’t that scary. The hail was very cool. I was at a fabulous brunch where I ate dates wrapped in turkey bacon. Too many, but they were sooo good. Oh wait. You made them. Delish…
    I didn’t know you were THAT scared. Of course you did have an odd look on your face. Here’s hoping no more severe weather til next spring.
    A giant snow storm is ok though…and thundersnow. That is awesome!!!

  3. Glad you made it out your vegan dining experience in one piece. The last time I went to a vegan restaurant, I consumed some sort of meat substitute they called “Chiggen.” It ruined me. Anally. For like, three days.

    Also, jealous you met Mr. Wet Sprocket himself!

  4. Cool. I’ve always kicked myself for not introducing myself to famous people. Maybe I would be married to Harrison Ford now instead of Calista! Ha. Please tell me though that your friend didn’t say he looked great “for his age”?

      1. Yes it was a long time ago and he was taking flying lessons…it would have been the perfect opportunity to chat him up. I don’t care if he is a lot older than me. I think he is very attractive!

  5. I can’t stop laughing about “Can I touch your chest?” I keep re-imagining what would have happened if you actually said that and it’s probably going to make me giggle at random moments all day long.

    What a cool celebrity encounter. One day this will be one of your “stories” and you and Glen will be laughing about it when you interview him on your talk show.

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