Product Reviews

What’s that? You want me to try and share something totally awesome and relevant to, well, me?


You can send all of the deets to .

I am a PR friendly blogger, so if you’re interested in working with me on product reviews, read on. Of course, I have some suggestions/guidelines that you may want to get a handle on before sending me an e-mail. If I’ve contacted you, I already know we’re a great fit…but feel free to read these anyways.

Product Round-Up (and Gift Guide) Guidelines (Sounds Nicer than “Rules”)

1: Read my blog. Read at least a couple of posts to get a feel for the things that amuse and entertain me. I’ll start you off with a few hints:

  • Cheese: It’s not an obsession; it’s a lifestyle choice
  • Travel (Brian and I would love to explore and review your hotel, airline, vacation destination…)
  • Kitchen gadgets/small kitchen appliances (especially the kind that I can’t hurt myself with – knives not recommended…unless they’re amazing)
  • Random and cool/unique shit (for me, for our home, for our tummies…). And while we’re here, I do curse on my blog and social media. I’m happy to refrain from cursing while talking about your product or service, just let me know and I’ll reign it in.
  • Baby things and anything that makes parenting easier. 
  • Games (All kinds–I’ve got a tiny person and nieces and nephews and gamer friends who love to play!)
  • Cookies
  • Food (Have I mentioned that I’m an obsessive foodie?)
  • Fun beauty stuff that makes me feel pretty
  • Techy stuff that my boyfriend can play with (We’re a technologically savvy household)
  • Booze (preferably dark and devious beers, smooth vodkas, or really decadent whiskeys.)
  • Books
  • Anything that will make my readers laugh

2: I will not lie, I will not endorse your product if I think it sucks, and I will probably let you know as such (but in a nice way. I’m not a jerk).

3: I will not share a product that I have not tried. I would love to try your brand new product, but please plan on the time it takes for me to receive the product and try it out. 

4: I am happy to host giveaways on my blog, and my readers really appreciate them. But I give away awesome stuff, so it better be REALLY flipping cool. We’re talking mind-blowing. (And mostly, if I don’t love your product, I’m not going to give it away).

5: I will only review a few products per month, so it may take some time to post, but if your product is awesome, the review will be as well. If your content request is time sensitive, you need to let me know that so I can expedite your review.

Still here? Great! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got for me to check out.