Don’t Steal My Shit-Copyright Notice

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Yeah. You heard me. In h2 tags. And bold.

Don’t Steal My Shit

I spend a lot of time writing. I have a full-time job as a copywriter for a Fortune 100 corporation. I’m good at what I do.  I also work hard at what I do. If you think that my content is most excellent and would like to use snippets of it, you need to ask my permission. My content cannot be used by anyone other than me to make money, and if you DO use my content with my permission, you need to give me credit.

On at least four separate occasions, my content has been stolen and used without my permission. All four pieces of content have since been removed. Don’t make me come after you.

copyright notice


Summary of Copyright Notice

Pictures of me and mine. Mine.

Videos of me and mine. Mine.

Writing by me and mine. Mine.

Pictures and videos I yoinked from other places. Credited.

That is all.

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