Conversations with my best friend about my boyfriend

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Before there was Twitter, I had this blog. Okay, maybe it’s more like before I was on Twitter, I had this blog. And I used it for things I would now put on Twitter. Or Facebook. Or Instagram. And now, I am trying to come back here. And occasionally I stumble on one of these ridiculously old posts and giggle internally. And now apparently, I add disclaimers. And fix typos. And change titles to make them more something-friendly. I don’t know there’s a tool that tells me a score and I make the titles longer. Whatever it doesn’t matter. I’ve officially added more to this paragraph than the entirety of the original post. Thanks for being here.  (revised 2020)

Me: My boyfriend was up until 5 am.
Katie: Doing what?!
Me: Playing video games.
Katie: And what time will you wake him up?
Me: Maybe 3.
Katie: That’s very generous of you.
Me: I know.
Me: We’re supposed to go to his Dad’s after the Bears game.
Katie: oh.

And then Brian woke up all on his own…at like 1.

How late do you like to sleep, Blog Friends? Do you stay up late?

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  1. If I had my way I would stay up until 3am and get up at like 10:00am… I love staying up late and having the house to myself but with work I can’t really do that. Don’t get me wrong…. I still try to do it and get up at 6:00 but it seems to make the day not as productive at work.

  2. I was over-the-moon excited because I got to sleep until 10 Saturday. Which happened only because I got a text at 8 saying that our daughter’s 9:30 am soccer game was cancelled due to rain. Score 1 for the parents.

  3. My husband is a musician, so he stays up late on most nights because he’s working. I used to wait up for him, but these days I’m always in bed by 12.

  4. When I was a youngin’ , I worked until 3AM and was up at 10 to go back to work . I also walked to school 3 miles each way, uphill both ways and through 3 feet of snow, least ways that’s what I remember. Anyway no yum up at 6am, and sleeping by 10pm, paradigm shift.

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