5 Reasons Childless Adults Love Back-to-School Season

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I don’t have tiny humans of my own, yet, and I probably won’t have them for a while. What may surprise you parents out there, though, is that I get just as excited for back-to-school as they do. Obviously my enthusiasm for the end of summer comes with different reasons, but I’m eager for your kids to return to school, nonetheless. Even now that I’m no longer a server/bartender/retail associate with my afternoons free, I’ve found a few stellar reasons to rejoice when the kids are back in the classroom.

Back to school isn't just fun for parents and students. Childless adults are big fans of the season too. Here are a few reasons why (1)


The train is less crowded

In the summer, the commuter trains fill up with people who don’t know the drill. Families and teens flood the city to visit the beach, summer festivals, museums, shopping and more. Some of the time, this is no big deal, but there are always a few occurrences that really irritates the daily commuters.

I can relax in the park on my lunch hour

I work three blocks from Millennium Park in Chicago. In the summer, it’s swarmed with teens in high-waisted short shorts and crop tops. Sure, there may be the sporadic field trip to The Bean or a couple tourists, but the mass exodus of the parent-less hormonal teens at the end of summer sets my heart a flutter.

Tourism dwindles

Every year as summer begins and the hoards of local and exotic tourists descend upon Chicago, trolling up and down State Street, outside the building where I work. I look at these people and scream in my head, “Where were you when the temperature was well below zero?!” As soon as it’s nice out, they overrun the sidewalk, walking in large groups that take up the entire space so I have to push my way through them to make it to my train on time. When they go away, and there are fewer people in my way as I head to and from work, ecstatic doesn’t begin to cover it.


While I’m all vacationed out for the year, this os the absolute best time for childless people to hit up the great vacation spots typically overrun with kids and families. My boyfriend and I visited Disney World the week after Labor Day a couple years ago and it was AMAZING. If I could plan all of my vacations during this time, I totally would!


I don’t get to experience this nearly as much as I did when I wasn’t working a 9-5, but oh my GOD did I love going to matinees after the kids went back to school! Empty theaters all to myself at the lower price! Glorious.

What are you looking forward to when the kids go back to school?

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  1. I actually find the opposite to be true here but I’m not commuting from outside the city. Within the city I find the trains and subways busier when school’s in because of all the kids taking transit to school in the morning which happens to coincide with the start of my work day. The food courts and restaurants near my office also fill up because there’s a few high schools within walking distance.

    I do agree with the vacation thing though. I took time off in the summer but when I actually travel I tend to do son in the off season so April and October (ish). Doesn’t hurt that the weather is usually pretty mild during that season too.

  2. I’ve got kids, but I can totally relate to all of your reasons. I love back to school time. It just makes everything easier, less crowded, etc. My husband prefers his car commute in the summer though.

  3. love the different angle on why adults love BTS. seems like ages ago when I had the same top 5 reasons…since the kids arrived my reasons are very different…great post!

  4. Oh man. When the kids go back to school, I have to start battling all the parents who think it’s okay to block my driveway while they drop their kids off. I need to print out mass fliers to leave on people’s windshields before I reverse out across my front yard.

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