Top 5 Things I Learned at GenCon

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I could write a ridiculously long post about the awesomeness of GenCon…but I’ll spare you the non-interesting awesomeness that was my weekend. Instead, here are the highlights.

5. Puzzles can be challenging. And occupy four days of your life.With 20 puzzles and 96 hours, I was able to solve almost 15 of the 20. (Okay, and I did some other stuff too.) <Okay AND Brian helped.> Here’s an example. Can you figure this one out? The final answer needs to be a 9 letter word or phrase.

Twister Puzzle GenCon
Twister Puzzle: Solve it first, and I’ll send you a prize. Seriously.

4. Buying games super cheap is joyful.

Rio Grande Games for the win
Rio Grande Games does this SUPER fun sale thing where he tells you how much $ to give him and then you get a game!

3. Gamers are hardcore. I know this because 1. By Saturday night, you could definitely tell at the dance party that many of these people had not showered since Thursday. 2. New games premiering at GenCon are sold out within minutes. 3.I know for a fact that some of the tournament-players didn’t eat for the 12 hours or so that they were in tournaments. I’m sorry, but if I had done a tourney, you bet your ass I would have been texting Brian, “Need. Food. Bring. Pizza.”

2. Firefly: The Game is fucking amazing. And if we had gotten there before 10 on Thursday, we STILL might not have been able to buy it. Because of #3. But that shit is amazing. And it will be pre-ordered. Because I NEED it.

Firefly: The Game
Firefly: The Game

1. I posted this on Instagram and probably Twitter…but it was late at night and you probably didn’t see it. The difference between gamers at a bar and…well…anyone else?

Gamers/nerds form queues (lines) instead of just crowding the bar. So people like me (who are pushy, have tits and flash $20 bills at bartenders) have to wait longer, but there is an ordered system that makes the OCD people (also apparently like me) happy.

Nerds form lines at the bar
Nerds form lines at the bar

Also, I’m collecting Star Wars cosplayers. It’s a collect them all game. Once it’s complete, I’ll show them all off…but this weekend? I found Chewy.

Chrissy and ChewbaccaDouble also: I may or may not have “interviewed a Dalek.” You’re welcome. (Expect that later this week.)




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  1. Several initial impressions: (1.) Boy does this look MIdwest! I’m planning to go to the 14th Annual Elvis Festival at the OC Marketplace and it’s all outdoors. Spent yesterday looking at rockabilly stuff. (2.) I’ve never met a wookiee. That would be cool indeed. (3.) Firefly also looks interesting. I will do some research.

    1. It’s one of the best strategy games I’ve played in a while. I suppose the fact that it came from the people who make D&D gives it a lot of clout in the gaming world.

  2. OOOOOO puzzles. I love that nerds acutlaly form a proper line at the bar. Awesomeness. And the day that tits don’t get the attention of bartenders is the day I throw away all my shirts and buy only turtlenecks.

  3. Gah! I’ve got to get my photo. One of my neighbors is in a Star Wars Cosplay group and they did photo ops at a neighborhood event. I got Obi Wan, Boba Fett, a Storm Trooper, and a Sand Person.

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