Maybe I’ll Write About Doctor Who…Because You Know There’s Not Enough of it on the Internet or Anything…

I may or may not have the urge to name my first born child Stormageddon.

For those of you who don’t know, I recently immersed myself in the complete and utter nerd-dom of Doctor Who. And once I dive into something that major, I obsess. Seriously. Fucking. Obsess. So obviously, I watched the entire modern series in a matter of 2 months. Did I mention that I obsess?

Like when I saw this shirt. I needed this shirt. So I bought this shirt. I can’t wait to nerd out in it at a con or two.

Keep Calm and Don't Blink

I may have pulled this shirt out of the dirty laundry last night just to take a photo shoot…and don’t mind my messy hair. was at the bottom of the laundry. But I felt inspired to put it on for you guys.

Seriously…it was at the bottom of the laundry. But I felt inspired to put it on for you guys.

So yesterday, I’m not sure if you heard this or not, but Chicago kind of drowned a little bit. Flash floods across the suburbs. Roads blocked. Commutes delayed. Cars destroyed. Scary terrifying thunderstorms. Power outages. A boat load of not good. An ARK, if you will…

Belmont Train Underpass Underwater

This train station is like 7 minutes from where I live.

Needless to say, I DID NOT leave my apartment yesterday.

How does this all relate?

My girlfriend in Arizona Facebooked, “What the hell is going on in Illinois?!” And I replied with “Stormageddon.”

And then I remembered the episode of Doctor Who in which I told Brian that our first born child would be named Stormageddon. And then I Googled it for some fun things for you.

You’re quite welcome.

i am stormageddon american apparel baby one piece white onesie

I sent this to Brian…and told him that our future child would totally own this. And by own it I mean wear the shit out of it. He refused to comment.


If you want more Stormy Baby Pictures and Doctor Who Joy…It’s possible that I could spend hours on this Doctor Who Tumblr

Happy Friday Everyone! Have you ever braved a terrifying storm? Snow Storms or Flooding Rain Storms? Tornadoes? I’m petrified of them, but I do love a good story…



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  1. I live in Florida where hurricanes are all the rage. I’ve been in a few. None where blow your house down bad. They just mean you go without power for a week or so. In Florida heat that can be miserable though.

  2. Not too many severe storms in So. California. ‘course we got riots, earthquakes, forest fires, and LA traffic. I can remember having to sandbag my garage townhouse a time or two to keep the damn thing from flooding. I’ve also bought a stungun which are legal in California to carry to deal with the crazies. So don’t get my Irish up. I’m a bad motherf**ker 😉

    • Hahahahaha! Wayne, you can TOTALLY swear on my blog. 🙂

      • I’ve actually fantasized about moving to The Keys. After listening to old Jimmy Buffett CD’s it sounded pretty cool 🙂 But then I went to the local mountains and went to a presentation/demonstration on lightning. Apparently Florida has more lightning strikes than any other states. I think I want to go someplace where nothing much happens like Idaho or Montana.

        • I fantasize about moving to Disney World, but apparently, that’s illegal according to Disney Law.

          • I just had a friend who drove down to Disney World from N. Carolina. It’s a great place if you like the U.N. He went nuts trying to help another friend that lost things everyplace he went.
            If you move there you could get a job as a disney character trying to be nice to the hordes of kid who will bug you about everything 😉

          • LOL. Nah, I might accidentally say, “Fuck!” a lot.

  3. I’m a total obsessor too. It’s quite fun actually. 🙂

    Do you go to a lot of cons in Chicago? Our really good friends, Matt and Kelly Strait, are big Chicago con-goers. We went that way for Duckcon once (we’re in Minnesota though so we stick to our local cons mostly, Minicon, MarsCon, CONvergence…)

    • I went to my first real con last year (we did Gen Con in Indy). Then I did the Chi Toy and Game Fair…and this year I’ve got BlogHer, Gen Con, ChiTag and MAAAYBE Wizard Con.

  4. OMG whelcome to the club. I’m a huge fan of the Doctor. But honestly, I never warmed up to Matt Smith. I’m a David Tennant fan all the way. 10th Doctor FTW!!! Did I mention that my iPhone case is a TARDIS? No joke.

  5. I’m a fan, too. What do you think of Clara? And the theories about Clara?

  6. Good lord, I’m a moron. I’ve been reading your blog for weeks now and JUST realized I KNOW YOU! *sigh* Clearly I don’t look very closely at your pictures. (And you’re probably like, duh, I’ve known you were the girl I knew in high school this whole time, but in my defense there are far more Chrissys in the world than Charleens.)

    • Bwahahahahaha! That. Is. Awesome. I don’t blame you one bit. I DEFINITELY look different than I did back in high school. I’ve run into people who don’t recognize me at all ever.

      And actually I thought it was really cool that I saw you on Katie’s blog and then you came to my blog. (Not like I was stalking or anything…just you know…noticed) I was like, WOAH. I know her! I love how the world works like that.

      Total side note: I’m not going to lie, I considered writing about that one time I was a horrible chemistry lab partner and spilled acid on the table…I STILL feel like an asshole for being that ditzy. Can I apologize again for that even though its like 15 years later?

  7. I am so glad you didn’t flood. That train station is unbelievable. I really think you need an arc or a rowboat. Your going to need space for all of your sloths so think BIG.


    Nov 29th to Dec 1 2013 Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL


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