10 Things I Learned From Robin Williams Characters

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My heart hurts today. I know that Robin Williams was not my personal friend, but he is one of the few actors who I spent the last 30ish years admiring and enjoying. I’m about to send myself on a serious Robin Williams movie marathon, starting with Dead Poet’s Society and working my way through as many nostalgic flicks that I can.

Photo from Eva Rinaldi
Photo from Eva Rinaldi

Interestingly enough, I was thinking about Mr. Williams on Sunday, when I posted an image with the phrase “carpe diem.” I meant it as a joke, but the message is still the same. Seize the day.

Robin Williams Carpe Diem Seize the Day

I thought it would be an apt tribute to discuss just some of the the very important life lessons that I learned from this Chicago native through his brilliant and beautiful character portrayals. Each role that he chose carefully crafted an epic view of the world as we know it, and it truly is magical when you combine them with each other.

  1. Words and ideas can change the world.
  2. Always keep windows open. Never ever ever close them.
  3. The bad days will remind you of the greatest pieces of your life.
  4. Be cautious and be daring and be wise.
  5. Find your happy thought and keep it in your heart for the days you need to fly.
  6. Seize the day.
  7. Families that have love are the ties that bind.
  8. Believe in magic and fairies and the power of love.
  9. Fight for your family.
  10. Humans are passionate. That is part of what makes us special.

And from the man himself, I was reminded of this:

Depression is real. The funniest, wisest person you know may be suffering deeply on the inside with little internal hope of escape. It may even be you. I encourage you to ask for help should you consider self-harm in any of its forms. As the very funny and very wise and often depressed Jenny Lawson reminds us, depression lies. Please don’t ever forget that. You are not alone.

The lack of negativity that I’ve seen in response to this tragedy is awe-inspiring. The world lost a bright light to the darkness, and the entire internet is hugging right now. Let this be a step toward the realization that there are many people who suffer from mental illness and they need support.

Go out there and seize the day, my friends. You only have this one life.

Were you as surprised and devastated as I was by the news of this wonderful comedian’s passing? What Robin Williams films, characters, or quotes resonate with you?

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13 Responses

  1. Really nice, Chrissy. Just one little thing: according to CNN yesterday, he was a Native of Michigan. Did he maybe move here as a child?

  2. Starting with Patch Adams. Then Dead Poets Society. Then when I’m sad because of it all, Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber, Nine Months. Then back to serious acting with Good Will Hunting. Then Death to Smoochie and One Hour Photo. I’ll watch Bicentennial Man and Good Morning, Vietnam. Night at the Museum. I’ll probably add in Happy Feet and the second one as well because I DIE for cartoon movies. Obviously Aladdin. Jack. What Dreams May Come. Then I’ll be crying again so I’ll watch his special Robin Williams: Live on Broadway.

    OMG I have a lot of work to do…

  3. I’m so very sad. The movie “Good Will Hunting” moved me deeply with Robin’s character tells Will over and over “It’s not your fault.” That message got through to me for the first time through the movie.

  4. I felt the same when I heard this news on Monday. I think we all felt like we knew him, and as someone on Twitter said, he seemed strangely immortal. The world is just a touch darker without him.

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