Practicing on the Wheelie Sneaks

Guys. So far, I haven’t fallen.

Let me repeat this:

I. Have. Not. Fallen.

OK, so there may have been a few near misses…but I have yet to hurt myself on the wheelie sneaks. Which probably makes it a lot less entertaining for you. But much better for me.

When I first got my wheelie sneaks, there was a warning on the bottom of each shoe. Basically, it said, “Peel this shit off, and you promise not to sue our asses if you fall on yours.”


So that night I practiced in our garage. That was when I realized it would take some time before I could wear them to work.

And finally, I’ve discovered the best way to practice on the wheelie sneaks.

At the grocery store. With wheeled aids.

Later in the grocery store, Brian pushed me, while I pushed the cart. And then I almost fell in the parking lot. But I didn’t fall.


What do you think guys?!

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