Things I Learned this Weekend: Central Illinois Edition

I spent the weekend in Peoria with some of my best friends. We stayed with my pal Brooke, her husband, their 3 y/o daughter, and 3 dogs.

Of course, a trip to Peoria/Pekin wouldn’t be complete without a visit with Katie, as well. So on Sunday, we dined with Katie and her husband.

Then we got home and the Bears won their 3rd game in a row, even if my Fantasy team could be doing a smidge better.

All around, it was an excellent weekend.

I thought I would share with you some of the very valuable lessons I learned on this little trip.

1. Hilary Clinton is from Chicago. Who knew? Apparently, not me. Why we talked about the origins of politicians is beyond me.

2. Cows float. Did you know that? I didnt. I figured they all just…sunk. Most 4-legged creatures float. Apparently, having 4 legs balances them out, so their lungs keep their heads above water.

3. Humans are the only apes that can swim or float.

4. Deer swim like 100 miles into Lake Michigan (known as The Lake to Chicagoans). This terrifies me, and I’m never going in The Lake again.

5. Grown men can sit on and ride Power Wheels. You’re welcome.


What did you learn recently? Any random useless knowledge for me?

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