Hey! Did you know you can buy my book on Amazon? 37 women wrote about the struggle for perfection, and I'm one of 'em. Go check it out!


  1. Dear Chrissy, Self-Cleen appreciates your decision to include our Press Release and Video on your wonderful site: New Pet-Safe Toilet Bowl Ring Repellent Now Available from Self-Cleen. We’re committed to helping your Pet-Loving – Cleaning-Hating Readers eliminate Bathroom Toilet-Ring problems from their lives. Keep up the great work! Matthew

  2. Thanks for sharing, Chrissy! Have a safe day! ~ resqme team

  3. Chrissy,

    Thanks for including the news regarding the release of my first inspiring children’s book, “What Will I Be When I Grow Up?” Did you note the main character in the series shares your name (spelled Krissy)? 🙂

    I am also excited to check out your book. Sounds very interesting and something I can relate to!

    Kind regards,

  4. Patty DiNapoli says

    Wow Quirky Chrissy, I was so surprised and happy to see our press release on your site!
    It’s such a new product, one of a kind with the new EV technology needs that are up and coming.
    You are a trendsetter, aren’t you! Thanks so much! We’re very excited to share with the world!

  5. Thanks for sharing Chrissy! If you offer product giveaways for your followers, email us at

  6. Thanks Chrissy for posting the PR on our new SquattyPottymus! We would love to sponsor a giveaway for your readers. Cheers to the better movement!

  7. Thank you for featuring the Mystic Stone Jewels press release. That is so kind of you.

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