For the Love of Breakfast

One might call me a breakfast addict. As it is most definitely my favorite meal of the day (and I love all my meals), I dedicated a blog to my adventures in breakfasting. I’ve slacked on it in recent months, but with a passion for deliciousness, I can’t not write about food.

Of course, as a self-proclaimed foodie, I have a tendency to make unique and experimental breakfast entrees. I’ve always been a master of the “throw shit in a pan and hope it turns out” school of cooking. This is a trait that I learned from my parents, who both create unusual concoctions out of leftovers and whatever is hanging around the kitchen (Of course, they often refrain from doing this at breakfast, which I clearly find strange.)

My belief has always been that you can add eggs to anything and voila! Breakfast is served. I am definitely a more savory breakfast consumer, but every once in a while I’ll offer up a sweet treat. (Or occasionally, I’ll consume a cupcake/cookie/piece of pie for breakfast and call it a day). So enjoy, and if there’s a breakfast that you enjoy, please, send it my way. I’ll totally give you the credit for it…and likely thank you for the delicious suggestion.

So visit my Quirky Breakfast Blog to read about my most recent breakfast adventures.

One of my recent breakfast adventures

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  1. Well, Chrissy…that doesn’t look like the most appetizing breakfast I’ve ever seen, but it is definitely not boring – like oatmeal. Personally, until pizza is designated a breakfast staple, it won’t be my favourite meal of the day! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your energy. Best regards, “Farmer Doug” @ Ladybug’s Mew in Yellow Point, B.C. Canada

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