Category: The Formative Years

Bismark the German shepherd dog with Rex the dalmatian puppy trailing behind him

The Good Dog(s)

We got Bismark when I was 5 (Our first German Shepherd, Joey, died on my fifth birthday) and we had him until I was a

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The Bald Elephant

When I was in the fourth grade I did something unbelievably stupid. One of those things that you sit there for hours looking back on

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Snacky Snacky Joy Joy

Until quite recently, I hadn’t eaten anything with ranch since I was about seven years old. It doesn’t matter how light the taste was, I

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Brotherly Love

My brother is an undercover softie. He has been that way as long as I can remember. Well, maybe he didn’t used to be quite

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Middle School Misfit

A Middle School Misfit

When I was a socially awkward eleven-year-old misfit, I had two friends. My BFF since kindergarten, was significantly more popular than me, and adjusting well to

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