McDonald’s Monopoly

Obviously, I did not win a million dollars this year. So another 6 months until McDonald’s Monopoly returns. Countdown anyone?

As you know from my McDonald’s Monopoly post, I’m a little obsessed with McDonald’s Monopoly. And by a little, I mean a whole freaking lot.

So in honor of my obsession, I’d like to document here all of my big prizes (who wants to bet I’m lucky if I get a free food item that I can’t eat anyways?)!

2013 Winnings

1 Medium Fry (that I can’t eat)
$10 EA Sports Promo Code

2012 Winnings

Free Quarterpounder with Cheese
Free Medium Fry
Free Redbox Rental (online)
Free Redbox Rental (online)
Free Medium Fry
Free Redbox Rental (online)
Free Small Frappe or Smoothie
Free Quarter Pounder with Cheese

1 in 4 wins-my ass… I’ve eaten a crap ton of McDonald’s (Hello, Pumpkin Shake and permanently unbuttoned jeans) and I’m up to 65 game pieces… and only 8 prizes. PLUS online game wouldn’t let me enter one of my codes. Fail boat. Wants more prizes.

I’m also taking donations of extra game pieces that you don’t want…you know if you’re too lazy to enter the code online…because I totally will do it. For me.

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