Insert Doctor Evil Voice Here: I Could Be Worth One MILLION Dollars

About a month ago, I received an e-mail from some dude asking if I would ever consider selling my website. I thought to myself, Self, why on God’s green earth would anyone want to buy the brand that’s built around…well…me? I mean…would someone else try to be Quirky Chrissy in my stead?

Selling site 1

The only thing I could think to do was ignore it. I’m usually pretty good about responding to e-mails (even if it takes a few days/weeks depending on how busy I am), but I couldn’t think of an adequate response.

Well, apparently this Ryan gentleman just couldn’t let me go. He really wants to find a buyer for my thriving little blog over here. I mean, I don’t blame him. I’m a little on the irresistible side. And he hasn’t even heard my adorable, everyone-loves-me-even-though-I-did-something-completely-stupid giggle yet.

And this time, I had to respond. It wouldn’t have been polite not to.

Selling site 2

Selling site 3

So apparently, it’s possible that this here site is worth one MILLION dollars. I mean…he didn’t shoot me down completely, right? I guess it’s hard to drop a site that includes pictures like these:

The next step, though, is how to respond. This is where you come in. This very serious Google form will help me to solve my dilemma. All I need is for you to answer a few very simple questions and press the submit button. And then I can respond to Ryan properly.

See? We’re getting interactive up in this community. So help a sister out.

Have you ever responded to a ridiculous e-mail with ridiculousness? What’s the best offer you’ve gotten by e-mail or mail or in person? Any really amazing propositions?

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Let’s Be Honest Here…Cleaning Isn’t Exactly My Favorite Thing To Do… I Love When People Take My Sass and Run With It


  1. Chrissy, I think the picture of you in a box is worth one million, at least!

  2. Your screenshots are very small my dear.

  3. This is hilarious! Shemar Moore might make your blog worth TWO million. Go for it girl! Then again, he is probably pulling your leg. I would never believe something like that and probably miss out on the deal of a lifetime.

    • YES!

      Yeah…I definitely don’t believe him…Brian was all, but if you could get a hundred grand and pay off your loans…

    • Also, I had to Google Shemar Moore. But now I know who he is. And he’s pretty.

      • You had to GOOGLE Shamar?!


        He’s so very, very pretty. And, if you ever see the show, the way he talks to his best friend, Penelope? EVERY man, EVERYWHERE should talk to their significant other with such tenderness and “you’re amazing!” words. *fans self frantically*

        Wolf ever figures out that, and we may end up pregnant. Again. Repeatedly. Again.

  4. You could always sell it like Brian says and then start Quirky Chrissy 2.0 that looks just like 1.0. And then they when they want to buy it, start 2.5. You could have a little business!

  5. *sips wine*

    All I ask for is a case or two of Pacific Peak wine from Total Wine & More. It’s only $23.64 per case! Don’t ask me how I know that.

  6. Ha! I love this post. I found you on a site…OMG, I don’t remember which one but I wanted to see what you’re all about. I love your blog name and the fact that you don’t get put a ‘niche’. LOL.

  7. It may sound stupid, but what if they don’t want your site but just the site name? There may be a movie or TV show with this particular name. Who knows maybe even a band. Then again it all may be for nothing and its spam.

  8. That’s just all sorts of awesome.

    Damn it, nobody ever offers to buy anything from me. Probably b/c they’ve heard about my kids, and are afraid insanity is contagious.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

  9. Love it. But I gotta tell you, those are probably Canadian dollars which, if you watch any home reno shows, you know are worth less than the millions you could get if you just hold out for a U.S. buyer. LOL.

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