Weight Loss Wednesday: Healthy Eating Habits Should Start Early

Quick intro/disclaimer of awesome: I’m working with the NRA (That’s National RESTAURANT Association) and Triberr to talk about healthy eating, especially with kiddos, through the Kids LiveWell Program. Everything I say, I do believe, but for the record, the NRA has sponsored this campaign post. 

Okay, so I’ve been Dietbetting with Joules and Kari and a whole lot of YOU this last week and a half. In addition to the Pocketful of Quirky Grace DietBet, I’m also participating in the Transformer DietBet-a six month commitment to lose 10% of Chrissy. And my real goal? More than 10%. Because I used to be healthier. And I want to be healthier again.

So far, I’ve lost 4.5 lbs. I’m weighing in weekly, instead of daily or multiple times a week. This is best for my weight loss, so that I don’t see the regular ups and downs of a typical week. If my weigh-in shows that I gained a pound this week, I’m still down by 3.5 and if I lose more…well YAY! I’ll be keeping you posted on Wednesdays from now on.

These days, I have some pretty healthy habits. I love vegetables. I love lean proteins. (Okay and cheese). I don’t eat a lot of pasta or breads…but I have a tendency to overdo it on the snacks. And the sweets. Those are my kryptonite.

But I didn’t always have healthy habits.

One of the things I forever think about is my chubby childhood. I was never the tiniest girl in school, not by a long shot. I ate a lot of McDonald’s. In fact, I could eat more McDonald’s as a kid than I could eat right now. I can remember my grandfather taking us to Mickey D’s and ordering a value meal because a Happy Meal just wasn’t filling enough. And you bet your bottom I super sized it. And ate every bite.

Sure, I wasn't fat...but I was one of the biggest kids in my class. That's tough on a little kid.

Sure, I wasn’t fat…but I was one of the biggest kids in my class. That’s tough on a little kid.

From the age of 8, I was always on the go, whether we were heading to or from cheer practice to this event to that party, I had a pretty busy life. So fast food was definitely a thing for us. But it wasn’t just fast food chains…my family ate out…a lot. Not because my parents couldn’t cook or didn’t want to (they were/are excellent cooks), but because going out was a family thing that we did. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That’s where my brother and I gained our passion for fine dining. Our love of delicious food. Our tact and class when it comes to behaving in a restaurant.

What I would have changed-would have LOVED to change-would be the choices that were available for me. At 9-years-old I was a connoisseur of chicken fingers and honey mustard sauce.  I ordered chicken fingers every. where. we went. And the honey mustard sauce was a big deal. I’d eat it by the bowlful. Because that was what the restaurants had. Chicken fingers. Cheeseburgers. Mac and cheese. French fries.


With the Kids LiveWell Program, sponsored by the National Restaurant Association, restaurants across the country are offering healthy and delicious options for kids (and adults too!) You remember my amazing breakfast sandwich from Denny’s right? They’re working to make healthy choices for kiddies so that they can start building those healthy eating habits right from the start.

This Saturday, at the NRA Show in Chicago, bloggers will be meeting the restaurateurs and chefs behind the new and exciting healthy kids meals. Will you follow along with me on social media with the #KidsLiveWell?

Follow Kids LiveWell on social media (Twitter and Facebook) for updated news, information and more! You can also find out if your favorite restaurant is a participating Kids LiveWell restaurant and start making healthy choices for you AND your family!

Do you wish they had healthier choices when you were a kid? Do you have kids and try to make healthy choices for them when dining out? What do you think of KidsLiveWell?

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  1. I have really been trying to make healthier choices for my son, but often find it a challenge finding different things to offer him that I know he will at least try. From the beginning however due to the suggestion of my child’s pediatrician when we dined out I avoided the kids menu since typically just offers the fried chicken fingers/fries, hot dogs etc.that way my child was forced to try something different and hopefully healthier.

    • I can see that being a problem. I think avoiding some of the unhealthy foods on old-school kids menus is a great way to start the habit of healthier eating for kids.

  2. I’m too apathetic to make healthier choices. Sadly, I take the path of least resistance as often as possible.

  3. I love that they are making healthy dishes more appealing to kids and parents! It used to be you had to have some boring chicken or an unhealthy option.

  4. A friend of mine is totally neutral to food. Yeah she enjoys some things more than others but she really only eats because she needs to and it keeps her healthy. I envy and yet feel bad for people like that. I mean yeah, totally make my life easier if I didn’t enjoy food but OMG how can you go though life not enjoying food!!!

  5. One always wants to give their children what they didn’t get as a child. We never “ate” out. McDonalds was a big deal. Until 12 or 13 years old. Suddenly, fast food was an option to my mother’s balanced meals. (Heck,I became a vegaterian to stop eating fast food at 22yrs old. Then I started to eat chicken again. Big mistake. Huge.) At 13, I grew 9 inches and gained 33lbs in 2 years. I have not grown an inch since. But many more pounds.
    So sorry my daughter, I loved(love) fast food and showered it on you. Good Luck.

  6. You weren’t a chubby kid! You were embarrassingly adorable. I would have been your friend. I was always a skinny girl through law school. Not creepy skinny. just skinny. and then I got fat and it just keeps getting worse. I can tell you that it was fine being skinny as a kid, but being fat as an adult is no fun.

    And now I want chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce. And mac and cheese.

    • You’re a doll! And thank you. I was seriously twice the size of every other kid in the class though (especially my grade school bestie who was a tiny little pixie).

      I would have been your friend too. I don’t like being a fat adult. I look back at those pictures of high school when I was bigger than all the other girls and think GOD look at those legs! And that waist! What happened? And then I eat mac and cheese. Or just cheese and cheese. Either way…you know. That.

  7. I completely agree with you. I also believe that being healthy should be started as early in your life as possible. When a person starts a healthy lifestyle as a kid he would continue to do that as he gets older and it wouldn’t feel like work at all, I only started being health conscious when I hit my 18th birthday and I struggled to shift from my normal habits to a much healthier one and that got me thinking that maybe if I started it when I was younger I might not have such a difficult time adjusting. Ultimately I think that starting early is just an advantage but it is never too late to start living healthier. Thanks for sharing this.

    Sam Walker

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