A Conversation About Fairies

Brian: If I were to create a D&D character for you, what would you want to be?
Me: Do you just want to create more characters?
Brian: No, we’re going to play.
Me: Umm…what are my options?
Brian lists a bunch of general things like controllers, defenders, strikers…and explains them
Me: Can I be a fairy?
Brian: Umm, you could be a gnome.
Me: That’s not a fairy.
Brian: They’re fae.
Me: But gnomes live in trees and fairies have wings.
Brian: You could be x,y, or z.
Me: Can I see pictures?
Brian pulls up pictures.
Brian: These are gnomes.
Me: Where are their hats?
Brian: They’re not garden gnomes.
Me: But David the Gnome wears a pointy hat.
Brian: Not. That. Kind. Of. Gnome.
Brian runs through a few of the pictures, explaining the characters.
Me: Okay, I’ll be a fancy elf.
Brian: Eladrin.
Me: Yeah, that.

Did you ever play D&D? (Dungeons and Dragons in case you didn’t know). Would you?

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  1. I have friends that play D&D and honestly I can’t wrap my head around it.

  2. I did once over 30 years ago. Might play again if I could find a game.

  3. I haven’t played D&D, but I have played other D20 based roleplaying games.

  4. Yes I play D&D. I’ve played it for the last 36 years and I will carry on playing it until they nail the lid down on my coffin. However, I understand that it’s not for everyone.And although I’ve been playing it for that long, I still haven’t been able to find an easy and adequate way of describing it. The best I’ve come up with is pantomime without a script but that will only make sense if you’re British. I’m not surprised that Brian didn’t allow you to play a fairy. They’re tough little critters. Just imagine the outcry when all the big burly fighters in your group realise that they can get beaten up by something that’s six inches tall, has butterfly wings and sparkles. Or wose, that you can beat up the monsters better than they can. All I can say is have fun

  5. Thank you for referencing David the Gnome. He is my favorite Gnomie. You are awesome.

  6. Ha! No, never even seen what the game looks like. It seems like a very inaccurate and unrealistic bit of foolishness though– everyone knows that gnomes wear soft schlumpy hats with odd points at the top.

  7. My husband does! I don’t understand it at all and I can’t help but laugh when he tries to explain the story lines and dilemmas and creatures. It sounds like playing make believe to me. I just don’t see the appeal, to be honest.

    • Heh! I like the idea of creating a persona and essentially acting it out with words…I also think it’s kind of neat how numbers-oriented it is. It’s like fantasy football with creatures and things. And yes, “playing make believe.” All things that sound good to me!

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