Frozen Parody – Thanks for Making me Laugh Until I Cried WGN Chicago!

You guys!

I HAD to share this with you.

You know how much I swooned when I reviewed Frozen?

And you know how much I bitched when the Polar Vortex came to town?

And of course, how much I bragged when  I ran into Lake Michigan in winter (It was too cold this year, kids…I just. Couldn’t. Do. It.)?

And that one time I built a snow beach in my front yard?

Snow Beach

After the last Snomageddon in January 2011, I made myself a snow beach in subzero weather in order to win a trip to Mexico. I didn’t win. But this picture will live on forever.

Well, this video from a Chicago news guy pretty much says it all. Really, I am so jealous I didn’t come up with it, I can’t see straight!

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  1. That was GREAT!!!! We laughed and watched it twice.

  2. It hurts. The laughing hurts. The tears… sting… My heart… aches… I think I am in love. Just had Winter Storm #Titan ruin my week, but This. This. Just somehow made winter OK… I need this on a loop.

  3. Here’s something to check out. A parody of “How much is that doggie in the window?”

  4. Whoops, didn’t work. It’s on

  5. That’s freakin’ hilarious and makes me like humans. News anchors are so often cheesy, I love that this guy made fun of the whole thing.

  6. It seriously made my morning SO much better. I still don’t like humans, but I think I’ll keep that one.

  7. That was totally hilarious…and hey, the guy even had a good voice! ;D

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