Activities That Don’t Involve Booze That Make Valentine’s Day at Work Fun

Cheese tasting lessons (obviously my contribution to the team)

Cheese Tasting

I explained the art of letting cheese sit to room temperature before consumption to enhance the flavor profile. Basically, I made them eat cheese twice. Once, when it was cold, and again when it had warmed to room temp. Because I’m fucking awesome.

Candy necklace eating contest (also my contribution to the team)

Candy necklaces

Chocolate Roulette (also me)

It only took me three pieces of chocolate to find the coconut truffle!

It only took me three pieces of chocolate to find the coconut truffle!

It only took me three pieces of chocolate to find the coconut truffle!

Star Wars light saber battles thanks to glowy light sabers in our valentines!

Star Wars Valentines

Who can make their boyfriends feel the worst after receiving floral love from the office Cassonova?

Flowers from co-workers

Guess who keeps leaving the secret Valentine messages?

Secret Valentine

How to divide 8 chocolate covered strawberries by 10 people

Chocolate covered strawberries

One co-worker brought in delicious chocolate covered strawberries to share…but some of us wanted to eat more than others! Om nom nom.


Happy Valentine’s Day, Blog Friends.

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  1. Brian (as in THE Brian. As in the BOYFRIEND) -name edited by Chrissy says

    What?!? Who’s giving you flowers!

  2. A cheese plate and chocolate covered strawberries? Yes, please! Gorgeous flowers, Chrissy 🙂

  3. This whole post makes me want to get a job, in an office, with you!

  4. OMG, my office is so boring compare to this. People just brought in a ton of junk food. They are all conspiring to make me (more) fat. Next year, I will be trying some of your games.

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