Our Silly Valentine’s Day Tradition

V-day isn’t a big deal for me. Not really. The best part about Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of my godson’s birth. But having a boyfriend who’s awesome makes me kind of want to enjoy a day that Hallmark created about love and romance. So I will.

The Valentine for all of my lady friends

The Valentine for all of my lady friends

Every year, Brian and I go out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We enjoy a meal that usually involves dark and devious beer (for me), cider (for him), cheese and other tasty food.

Then we head home and watch a Disney princess movie. Yes. My boyfriend loves me that disgustingly much. He sucks it up and watches ONE princess movie a year. Unless there’s one out in the theater…and then he’ll go watch with me, like he did for Frozen.

So far, we’ve watched Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty.

With a week until our Valentine’s Day tradition, my question for you guys:

What Disney movie should I make my boyfriend watch this year?

Also, what are your Valentine’s Day traditions? With friends, family, or your significant other?

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  1. Tangled 🙂

    • He’s already seen that. I forgot to mention that there is the occasional time that a tiny human is involved with movie watching. I’m pretty sure we watched it with the little princess niece.

  2. I would deviate from Disney and go with Anastasia. So freakin’ good. And Demitri is a looker, despite being animated.

  3. Oh Miss Laaady Maamm….That’s it. Lady and the tramp. She may not be Sleeping Beauty, but damn, she’s adorable. Tramp is NOT a stamp. HAHA..DUH. I know.

  4. The Emperor’s New Groove.

  5. Diana Griffith says

    Well since you already watched Sleeping Beauty, I’m going to go with Aladin. That is my second favorite.

    My birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so our tradition is my husband takes me out to a nice meal and basically let’s me do whatever I want. I have carte blanche.

  6. If it has to be Disney, I would recommend Tangled, The Emperor’s New Groove, or Hercules.

    If there’s room for other (non-Disney) features, go for Despicable Me 2 or Hotel Transylvania. They’re a blast.

    (As you can see, I haven’t quite grown up yet.)

  7. I just watched Tangled with my granddaughter and enjoyed it. Brave is also a good one.


  9. It’s not a princess movie but it has nice romance in it. Lady and the Tramp! That spaghetti scene is so cute!

  10. With Disney flicks I’d go for either Aladdin or Lady and the Tramp. The one non-Disney flick I’d choose is Shrek (1 or 2, I thought the third kind of sucked).

  11. If it doesn’t have to be a cartoon, then Swiss Family Robinson. Lots of sweet romance in it.

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