Punxsutawney Phil Saw His Shadow and Peyton Manning is Going to Win Another Super Bowl Ring

Predictions, predictions.

Today is all about predictions. (Tomorrow is all about my vacation…be patient my young ones.)

So the groundhog saw his shadow. That bastard. I mean…I’d much rather have spring come early than 6 MORE weeks of winter. *durp* (Just because I recently returned from Florida doesn’t mean anything. It’s still cold and snowy!)

Anyways, mostly, I’m here to gush about my football sweetheart…Peyton Manning.

I’ve never been a Denver fan, and I was only an Indy fan for Peyton, so when the Colts dropped my love like a bad habit, I switched loyalties PRE-TTY fast. That being said, I think it’s important that Peyton win this one. If only to shove it in Indy’s face. Hard. (Football makes me violent. I come from a sports-obsessed family.<—loved writing that post.)

I’ll be enjoying the game with several of my cousins, drinking beer and winning a chili cook-off (prediction number 3). The only problem with Super Bowl is I actually like the commercials AND the game. So the only time I have to pee is during half-time. Such is life, eh friends?

Welp! Time to go buy shit to make my soon-to-be award-winning chili. Crap, that means I have to put pants on, don’t I?

Turkey Chili

Simmering joyful goodness

What are you doing for Super Bowl? Or do you care more about Punxsutawney Phil? Or are you just rebelling from pop culture completely and doing your own thing?


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  1. Damn. I hate it when I have to put pants on!

    Rooting for the Seahawks, but only because we now live in Washington. I’m really rooting for good commercials and great food!

  2. I knew I loved you for a reason other that your utter awesomeness….we have a shared love of Peyton. I always joke that I don’t have a favourite team but players I just follow around the NFL and just pray they don’t get traded to the Steelers

  3. Be honest. The mystery meat in your chili is groundhog, isn’t it?

  4. I adore Peyton. I really want him to win this one… for many reasons, but perhaps most of all to put to rest the whole “Eli’s the better quarterback because he has more rings” nonsense. Because, no.

  5. Well you got it half right…

  6. I put chili in the slow cooker before I went to the bar for the game, and came home to delicious veggie chili all ready to be portioned out for lunches! 🙂 I always put tiny cubes butternut squash in mine, it adds bulk and smoothness.

  7. I’m so sorry the Broncos lost. : (

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