In Which Chrissy Gives Amazon More Free Press

Because even when I’m mad at Amazon, I still love them.

Seriously. I ordered a space heater for my office…and apparently you have to make sure that your address is properly written in, or else they’ll return your products!

Just because the 13th floor showed up as STE FLOOR doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have been able to find my office!! Well…okay…maybe.

Anyways, I thought I’d have a little fun with the lady on the other end of the Amazon live chat. Because you know…they get bored too. Might as well offer them an amusing morning conversation.

Don’t worry. I screen shot that shit for you. You’re welcome.

Amazon Live Chat

Happy Hump Day Blog Friends! By the way, did you e-mail me about getting your very own Christmas card from the Chrissy? Because you really should. I’m a little funny. Sometimes. Usually. Mostly. Always.

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  1. mail owls??? PLEASE sign me up! Seasons 52 was lovely…as are you!

  2. Well, at least the woman had a sense of humor. These customer service chat lines can be really frustrating if you get somebody with the IQ of a turtle. Maybe you should have asked her for a hoodie as a freebee for them screwing up the order with Amazon’s logo on it or something 😉 Hey, Rocky Balboa wore one!

  3. Does that mean she won’t be sending you $1 million? Amazon is so stingy about what they’ll send by mail owl.

  4. Love it. Now I need to screw up an Amazon order so I can have fun at work. I usually only chat with Comcast, and I am never in an amused mood when I have to deal with those f***ers.

  5. I have a love hate relationship with Amazon but their customer service is tha bomb.

  6. LOL I love it and mail owls are totally new to me. At least she had a sense of humor.

  7. I love screwing with the Tech Support guys. When they ask me first off if I’ve rebooted I love playing dumb for a minute and then busting out in full on nerd-speak. It’s funny because god forbid the chick calling could actually be the IT guy 😉

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