Brian’s Weirder Than Me

So the other night, Brian and I were in the grocery store and chatting about something ridiculous. And he set down the shopping basket to make these huge hand gestures and get REALLY excited about the nerdiness of our conversation. And people stared.

Then he walked away to get hot dog buns.

As he was disappearing down another aisle, I yelled out to him, “You know what I love?”


“Well, that. And the fact that no matter how weird I am, you’re JUST as weird.”

“Nope. I’m definitely weirder.”

And then he disappeared. And people stared some more.

What makes your person your match? Are you as weird as us?

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  1. We just want to be together. It’s very weird. After 31 years of marriage, we are toghether all the time. For the last 25 years, we even work together. No explaining it,we are just weird. I guess that’s where you get it.
    love u

  2. “I’m different, don’t care who knows it. Something about me ain’t the same. I’m different that’s how it goes. Ain’t gonna play your God d***ed games. . .” Apologies to Randy Newman

  3. I’m an oddball that’s for sure. Luckily I married an oddball too.

  4. We are definitely just as weird and very sarcastic. We are never happy unless the checkout person is either laughing or thinks we are nuts. Its the little things 🙂

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