Confession Friday: I Love the Smell of Skunk

What? Yes. Skunk.

So I didn’t ALWAYS feel this way. When my dog, Buck-the bad dog was skunked, I was headed out on a quasi-date and very displeased. The weeks that followed were smelly and unpleasant.

When our roommate’s dog, Dexter-the snuggle pup was skunked, I panicked. It was leading up to our Disneycation and everything was coming up skunk. It was more than unpleasant to say the least.

The thing is that I have a RIDICULOUS sensory memory. OK, I have a ridiculous memory, regardless…But now, when I smell skunk, especially now that it’s fall, all I can think of is: DISNEY! When do we go back? I miss you, Disney! Brian, puh puh puh leeeeease? And then I see images in my mind, something kind of like these: 


Disney Halloween Katie and Chrissy Disney Brian and the Crocodile Eeyore5 Disney at Halloween

And then Brian says to me, “No.”

Okay, he says that there are lots of other places that we should go, but all I can do is smell skunk and smile.

What about you, blog friends? Any crazy sensory memories that just completely bring you back?

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  1. Aww you kissed Eeyore!

    Yeah hell no to the skunk thing.

    A friend of mine has a Poodle-mix and she got skunked. The tomato juice they used to clean her actually tinted her snow white fur pink and they ended up having to shave her. It was kinda hilarious in that Shelby knew we were giggling at her and was not impressed.

  2. You are so damn cute and funny! The smells of fall can bring me all the way back to grade school!

  3. Most of my sensory memories are pleasant. The smell of Sycamore reminds me of Monterey and the balm it is made of is very soothing. Certain pheromones that the opposite sex produces are a turn on. No need for expensive perfumes ladies!

  4. Benny managed to get skunked twice in one week. The house, our clothes, everything reeked! Now if my wife lights a candle with a fall scent, I think I smell skunk. Sensory memories can be tricky…

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