It’s Friday, I’m in LOVE

OK, it’s everyday I’m in love…with cheese. I mean Brian. I mean…both.

Details aside. It’s FRIDAY. FINALLY.

Why am I more excited that it’s Friday today instead of other Fridays?

My BOSS has been galavanting in Europe for almost 2 weeks. As the girl who was recently promoted to “second in command” guess who had to pretend to be him for almost 2 weeks?

Yeah. That. So I’ve been busy freaking out all over the place. Because he does a lot of things that I didn’t really realize he did. And now I see why he mutters curse words under his breath a lot.

BUT today…TODAY…TODAY! is the last day before his return. I’ll be celebrating by bringing in cheese for my co-workers. Because that’s what I do.

So I’m off to cut the cheese (stop that. Stop thinking that right now. Okay, go ahead and laugh.)

Sloth FridaySaw that…and then I needed to post a sloth for you.

sloth and flowers

Have a GREAT Friday!

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  1. uhhh, as one who has lactose intolerance please give your coworkers a choice by getting a plate of soy cheese clearly labeled to offer to your co-workers that have this problem. Otherwise, this generosity on your part could “backfire” and the office could turn into a scene from “Blazing Saddles”. Some of the guys there probably would think it was funny but others might be highly offended. You might even be sued for a “gas action” lawsuit 😉

  2. As long as you stay away from the stinky cheeses, I say go for it! Apples and grapes are nice sides but crackers and cocktail rye are the biggies. Be careful of serving cheese curds as you might be mistaken as a real cheesehead. Whereas wine is the perfect drink (with almost anything but cheese in particular) apple or grape juice will stand in nicely. Congratulations on your first trial by fire management wise. Honestly the nightmares DO become less debilitating over time.

  3. Cheese is the best thing ever. Cheese and sloths … even better.

  4. *shudders* Soy Cheese.

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