Interview with a Dalek

Quirky Chrissy and a Dalek Escape into the TARDIS





Because I couldn’t interview Wil Wheaton. Even though Lily from It’s a Dome Life was lobbying really hard for me. Stalk Wil Wheaton DayStalk Wil Wheaton Day 2Stalk Wil Wheaton Day 3Stalk Wil Wheaton Day 4And I know how much you love my interviews…

And really, it’s not so much of an interview as a conversation.

And by conversation, clearly I mean witty banter.

And by witty I mean…well, I’m not sure what I mean, but you’ll see.


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  1. this human has a dirty mind. ha ha ha

  2. “Someone should control this human.” Too funny. You get all the best interviews.

  3. Well you know who to call if you need a plumber 😉

  4. You sassed a dalek! You honest to god sassed a dalek and lived to tell the tale!

  5. LOL- “Someone needs to control this human- she has a dirty mouth.” You DID talk about poop…

  6. Okay this is my favorite thing. Ever.

  7. I totally thought you were about to get your boobs plunged…lol! I’m pretty sure he was going right for them.

    Wil Wheaton owes us an interview!

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