Sloth Humor

Have I shared this before? Because it’s amazing. Sloths are the best. And very interesting.

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  1. You know who would DIE seeing this? Kristen Bell. If you haven’t seen her flip out about Sloths, youtube “Kristen Bell Sloth Ellen.”

    • Yes! OMG, After I read that, I was so jealous that I contacted a local wild animal acquirer to find out exactly how much it would cost to borrow a sloth for a day…

      let’s just say…out of my price range.

  2. Sloths have always scared me a little bit. I think it’s the claws.

  3. I love this entire series of videos that this guy does.

  4. “It’s camouflage mf’er, mind your own business.” I’m still laughing my ass off at that line. Awesome video!

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