10 Reasons I’m Not Funny This Week.

I’m a humor blog, dammit. And I’m not even a little funny this week. Here’s why.

Every time I almost walk into a wall, I look up from my (phone/book/feet) and near miss it.

Wearing my contacts in the wrong eyes causes migraines, not chuckles.

I avoided sitting next to the creepy old man with the dress pants and white t-shirt on the train by sitting in the vestibule area.

I almost threw up during yoga, but God didn’t want me to have THAT story on the record.

Every time I almost fall down, I catch myself.

I haven’t had to run to the train or lost my pants in the process.

My experiment with gluten free appears to be over. (PS: It didn’t help.) (PPS: Nothing funny came of my last minute decision to eat the gluten. Nothing! No amusing poop stories or anything.)

This is my last full week as a contractor. On the 19th, I start as a full time employee with the company I’ve been contracting with. While this is exciting news, it’s not very funny.

I could only come up with 8 (well I guess this makes 9) reasons.

Maybe I should wear the wheelie sneaks to work today…

So if you have read this far, and it’s ONLY like 200 words, so I hope you did… you’ll note that I linked to some of my funnyish posts…go ahead and check those out. And while you’re at it, send me a link to YOUR funniest post. Because I could use a laugh. And some inspiration. Please and thank you.

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Rocking Out at the Windy City Soiree Remind Me NEVER to Tell You I’m Not Funny Again.


  1. I don’t really do “funny.” I’m more of a “ranty” girl. The closest I could come up with is this…


  2. today’s bi-weekly blog post is about my veggie peeler’s attempt to murder me. It COULD be considered funny… http://www.morethansweetpotatoes.blogspot.com

    Also, do you follow me yet? I follow you….my ex-co-blogger….

  3. How ’bout a 50+ guy trying to look good dancing to rockabilly music? Now that is pretty funny. No fancy swing moves; kinda like “dad dancing” at the wedding 😉 I can shake my booty with the best of them though.

  4. Sorry your not feeling funny. Here’s a song to cheer you up. http://nebulousmooch.com/2013/07/25/humpty-dumpty-pump-bump/


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