Confession Friday: I’ve Taken My Love of Cheese to a New Low (or High)

Guys, I have a confession to make. While some of you may be new around here (Shout out to all my new blog friends from BlogHer!), the rest of you loyal blog friends understand my cheese obsession…

Or do you?

It has come to my attention that while some people sneak spoonfuls of ice cream out of the carton, and that seems completely rational, logical and relevant…

I am busy hiding in the corner of my kitchen with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar (in my case, the cheese carton. With a spoon.)


This cheese carton. Photo from Merkt’s Cheese website.

I know. I’m a little gross. But really…who needs crackers at a time like this? Especially when gluten free crackers are expensive, yo.

So yes, confession Friday ends with me. Eating Wisconsin cheese spread. With a spoon.


Because I can.

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  1. Yes…Almond Swiss delecious…now about these photos that can only be viewed on facebook. Not cool. I would like to see them please!!!

  2. Why have crackers when you can just have more cheese;)

  3. Have you had Trader Joe’s pub cheese? It’s spreadable cheesy goodness with a spicy kick.

  4. And then there is yogurt cheese, available at Trader Joes. Forget the high fiber bread, crackers. Just scarf it up! Btw, I went to the OC Fair last night and you should have seen what people were eating 😉

  5. I don’t see a problem here…and if you can’t do crackers use a cheese stick for dipping or spread it on sliced cheese!

  6. I feel your pain! August 15th marks three years of gluten free living for me… yay celiac. *pffft* My absolute saving grace… since I noted your cracker talk… Crunchmaster multi grain crackers, in a massive box at Costco. They are SO good, and actually reasonable as the huge box purchase. They’re in two bags, so they don’t go stale. Now please tell me you have a Costco nearby. And thanks for the cheese suggestions. I will try every one of them! LOVE me the cheese.

    • Sounds tasty! I’m very glad that I am a non-celiac. Testing out the elimination to find out if I have an intolerance isn’t fun, but I can’t imagine the celiac non-fun. We DO have a Costco, but we’re not members…we thought about it, but don’t think we would use it enough to warrant the cost. That being said, if you EVER need cheese suggestions, I am a MASTER. It’s a lifestyle choice, not an obsession.

  7. I LOOOVE Merkt’s cheese. You know, there is a Merkt’s outlet just over the Wisconsin border. AKA- my backyard.

    • Omg, I’m obsessed. That shit is delicious. Merkt’s outlet? With like…cheese sales? I know that Tim & Tom’s has free Merkt’s with a $30 purchase (I always hit that shit).

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