Maybe You Guys Can Figure Out What This Meant

So I was garage sailing this weekend and walked up to a house with a guy in his late 30’s-early 40’s. I did a quick lap and noticed all baby things, and was about to check out (as obviously, I don’t need any of those things), when the guy said to me, “You look like a Baby GAP person.”

I’m sorry…What?

This comment has resonated with me for 2 days now. Because I can’t seem to figure out what the hell he meant by that. I was wearing all Victoria’s Secret PINK clothing and Skechers gym shoes. What about that screamed GAP? Even more so, what about me screamed “baby?”

Was it an insult or a compliment? I didn’t examine the clothing closely, so I don’t know if he had a vast selection of Baby GAP crap or not. My response was just, “nope, no babies.”

What do you think blog friends? Compliment or Insult? Or just plain weird?


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  1. JoulesDellinger says

    Sounds like he was sick to death of sitting outside for his yard sale and decided to try and ‘talk up’ his crap to the next person who wandered by. It could have been… “you look like an old broken exercise equipment person” or “you look like a lots of tupperware without lids person,” so you got off pretty easy. 😉

  2. Awkward sales line. Could just have easily been “I got some almost new linoleum flooring over here…”

  3. It just seems very odd to me. Why would you say something like that to someone?

    Once I was walking down the street and a man walking the other direction said quietly to me as he passed, “You got some big legs.” No hesitation or anything he just kept walking like he hadn’t said anything. That was years ago and to this day I still think about it. Was it a compliment or an insult? Why would you say something like that to a stranger? People can be so weird.

  4. I’m going with just weird. Also I hate that people PRESUME because we are of a certain age, that we must be mom’s. Or aspiring moms.

  5. I think he was just trying to be a weirdo. Or trying to be nice by letting you know what “selection” of baby clothing he had for sale. Or really just trying to pawn it off on the next available person. I don’t think he really meant anything specific or hurtful by it. I think he was just being weird.

  6. Um. That is weird. Maybe because you were wearing VS which usually lives in malls, and Baby Gap also usually lives in malls? Shopping for my “nieces” and “nephews” and nephew, I get questioned about my kids a lot. I tell the clerks that I’m a kickass aunt, though I resent the assumption.

  7. Assumptions are always a risk. I have no idea what a baby gap mom looks like or how you could possibly look like one. Some people are so lame!

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