No Really, I’m Going to be 30…And I Need Your Help.

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not…but I’m going to be 30. In one week. After my golden birthday comes and goes, I will return to 29. And stay there. Forever.

In all reality, I’m much less panicked than I was upon turning 25. That was a very strange time in my life. I was dating someone whose oldest child was closer in age to me than he was (you know, just in the opposite direction). I was spending most of my free time drinking or bartending (I had a full time gig as a catering manager). And I was terrified. 25 scared me. Even though I said that 30 was my scary age, 25 was right there. Waiting for me. With that whole quarter-life crisis thing.

But 25 came and went. And I survived. And I know that I’ll survive this one too. I’ll get by with a little help from my friends.

Get to the point, Chrissy…

The point is this: I’ve already done so much. And there’s so much more life to live. I’m creating a bucket list for 40. 10 years. 40 things. And it’s going to be spectacular.

But I’ve also got another plan. Thanks to my word worm, Katie, I have become a Twitter fiend. Sometimes, I tweet along with Grey’s Anatomy. Sometimes I tweet at famous people, hoping that they’ll love me and respond. And one time. No. Two times, Blessid Union of Souls retweeted me. Because they are awesome. And the Bloggess offered to share her Bloggie award with me. Because she is the most awesome ever.

TheBloggess (TheBloggess) on Twitter 2013-05-22 22-54-19And in true Bloggess fashion, I think it would be fun to try to get some famous people to tell me “Happy Birthday.” Or “Go Fuck Yourself”. Or “Dude. Hi.” I’m not really picky about what they say to me. I just think it would be cool to see how many famous people I can get to acknowledge my existence.

We all know what a fool I am when I meet famous people in real life. I have a much better chance of remaining calm digitally. So help me out. Send a famous tweeter or two my Twitter handle (@quirky_chrissy) and tell them that it would be fantastic if they could send me a little love over the next week. Pictures. Videos. Tweets. All seem like brilliant ideas. Because I’m pushing 30 and dammit I want to ring it in. In the best way possible.

Blog friends, who would you want to tweet at you on your birthday? Please tell me it’s someone awesome.

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  1. I turn 30 in December and although I have a ton of time to freak out between now and then, I found 29 a lot more traumatic. At this point I’ve basically had a nervous breakdown, gone to therapy, felt better and then been burned out of my home and forced to live with my parents. How could 30 possibly be worse?

  2. JoulesDellinger says

    I’m 35 and I can honestly say that once you get over the hurdle of actually turning an age number that begins with 3… it’s all pretty awesome. Well that and the fact that NOBODY thinks I’m 35. hehe

  3. I turned 30 in March. I was totally, totally freaked out, and I still forget that I’m not in my 20s anymore. But I still get carded, so it’s not so bad really. Happy almost birthday.

  4. Ahhhh, to be 30 again. πŸ˜€ Or even 40. Think of it this way. Jim Morrison was dead at 27. Amy Winehouse the same. So count yourself lucky sister and don’t go to New Orleans too many times. πŸ˜‰

  5. 30 is big fun. I’ve enjoyed my 30s. I’ll be 40 next year and I hope the 40s are just as awesome as the 30s have been.

  6. My Mother in law has been 29 for over 50 years now. I prefer to be 27. I am looking forward to that bucket list and you have inspired me to create one. In just two years I will be 40. Unbelievable.

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