Nerdy Things I Do When I’m Not Here

Sometimes, I get writer’s block. And I’m not really sure what to write about for this here little blog of mine. So I back off. I reflect. I do real life things that have nothing to do with blogging. Today, I’m going to tell you about some of the awesome things that I do when I’m not blogging.

  • I play mindless games. Bejeweled. Tetris. Bloons. I am a mindless game master.
  • I play board games. Nerdy ones. Arkham Horror. Settlers of Catan. Dominion. Munchkin. 7 Wonders.
  • I watch Doctor Who. And LOVE it.
  • I cuddle with my boyfriend. Is that nerdy? Did you just throw up a little bit in your mouth? That’s okay; me too.
  • I read books. You should too. They make you smarter. S-M-R-T.
  • I talk about sciency things with Brian. Okay. Brian talks about sciency things and I listen. And sometimes fall asleep. But that’s okay. Because he still loves me.
  • I plan vacations in my head. Especially to places that begin with Disney and end with World.
  • I eat cheese. Like, a lot of it. Fancy stuff. None of that plastic wrap Kraft BS.
  • I daydream about my future fame. That’s probably not nerdy either. But I do it. You bet your ass I do it.
  • I research things I want to buy. I didn’t always do this. I used to just buy things that I wanted. Now I research them first. I blame Brian.
  • I listen to Disney music and show tunes. A lot.
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  1. Ashley F says

    OMG Settlers. I love you, you know that right? I don’t play mindless games but I play real video games when I have time.

  2. I research things I want to buy now too. Totally my husband’s fault. What is it about men and research?

  3. Damn I research everything I can. My old hp printer gave up the ghost so I had to get a new inkjet. Turned out that the best fit for me was a Canon Pixma. So now I had to decide where to get it. I thought Office Depot but the local one didn’t have the one I wanted. So I tried Fry’s, looked up their ads on line and determined the store I was going to buy it in had it. Bad mistake. They didn’t have it in stock and sold me an older model. Trust Frys, but verify. Finally found out Office Depot in a different city had the model I wanted. Success at last!!!

  4. So do you have any wood for sheep. πŸ˜‰

    I love your blog so I nominated you for a liebster:

  5. This is the best list. It kind of makes me wonder why you blog at all. So much cheese and day dreaming to do!

  6. I think my comment went to bloglovin. Thieves! Anyway, this is the best list and I am amazed you want to blog at all with so many cool things to day dream about and all of that delicious cheese to eat.

  7. Love fancy cheese! And reading! And cuddling!

    πŸ™‚ You’re not nerdy at all… OR I am just as nerdy!

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