Wordless Wednesday: The Best Panhandling I’ve Seen This Week

The best panhandling ever: girlfriend captured by ninjas need money for kung foo lessons

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  1. OMG that’s fantastic.

  2. I’d definitely give him a dollar!

  3. My current favorite is the man near the Wal-mart who has a sign that says “Too ugly to be a hooker”. He also has “Will wrestle your mother in law for a buck”

  4. Creativity at its best! 🙂

  5. A number of years ago as an alternative to “will work for food” (hah!) I saw a panhandler in San Francisco with a sign saying “won’t work for food, will spend your money on beer.” I had to give him a buck for his honesty. Generally, I give panhandlers no money, especially if they’re 30 years old, appear to be able bodied, and have a s**t eaten grin on their face. Even if they’re carrying a bible 😉

    • Or a baby!

      • Especially if he was carrying a baby. I’d be tempted to say “sorry, I don’t want to encourage [edited] to reproduce” and “there’s a Goodwill down the street: You can probably get some kind of work there!” The Buddhist’s have a concept called “idiot compassion”. Obviously, I don’t practice it 😀

        • I think that there are way too many able bodied people mooching off the system. As someone who was genuinely unemployed for many months, I worked my ASS OFF just to get a new job. They should do the same.

  6. Well? Did you give him a dollar??

  7. I LOVE it! He’d definitely get a buck or two outta me!

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