Wordless Wednesday: Fortune Cookies Lie

Fortune Cookies Lie

Blog friends, this was my fortune last night. I told my mom that the cookie told me I was not wise. Tell me about a fortune that you didn’t think was awesome. Or one that was awesome. Or just tell me something awesome in general. Either way, say hello!

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By the Way, Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. I Promise I’m NOT Quitting You. Or the Blog. Confession Friday: Sometimes I’m a Hot Mess. Sometime’s I’m Not.


  1. It’s just not a real fortune!

  2. Maybe the fortune just didn’t finish its thought… “Wise man seldom talks about boring things.”

  3. I had to giggle, because we always add “in bed” to the end of all our fortunes – so it makes the fortune you got even funnier. πŸ˜‰

    Uniquely Artistic Princess Nagger Part Deux

  4. Wise man seldom talks…..because woman more than makes up for the lull in conversation πŸ˜‰

  5. Ugh, fortune cookies have gotten so boring! They used to be all “Expect a windfall in the near future.” A tornado may be more likely than winning the lotto, but it was still fun to contemplate.

  6. Check out this fortune that I got. What a joke! http://anotherjennifer.com/wordless-wednesday-good-fortune/

  7. Wise man know “put brain in gear before engaging mouth” Wise man also know woman always right! (even when she wrong) Wise man nod and smile many time.

  8. gr8 quote..

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here .

  9. Finally linking up with all of my Wordless Wednesday Bloggers. Thanks for linking up! Can’t see what you post this Wednesday.


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