A Letter to Recruiting Agencies

Dear recruiter,

It has come to my attention that you don’t all seem to quite understand how the job market works. I have discovered the following issues with you and your respective companies, and I would like to help you out.

1. Do just a little bit of research

I’m not asking you to discover my life story. I’m not asking you to read all of my writing samples. I’m definitely not asking you to seek out this blog (as it is obviously not intended to use for full time employment). I’m merely asking you to do a tiny speck of research.

Just because I live in Illinois, does not mean that any job in Illinois is within close proximity to me. In fact, just because I live in a Chicago suburb, does not mean that I live within close proximity to the job you are trying to bid at $15/hour. I would spend more in time and gas getting there every day. So, look at my resume, copy the town I live in, and Google map it for crying out loud. 3 seconds will save you a lot more time than it takes to call me.

2. Speak English. Well.

It’s very hard for me to understand you when you don’t even know how to pronounce Christine. It’s very easy. Say it with me, now, “K-ris-tee-n.” If I can’t understand your pronunciation of my name, how will I know the job details? How are we going to negotiate my rate of pay? How will I know what YOUR name is?

3. Double and Triple Check Appointments

If you set up an interview for me, please for the love of God, double check on both ends that it is a go. I’ve missed out on some great opportunities because of a recruiter’s mistake. When a high profile job goes live, I get 3-5 phone calls from various recruiters around the country. I’ll remember that the next time you call.

This is a short letter, but an honest one. I appreciate that you are there to “help” me, but I also understand that the “sale” is your bottom line. If you work with me, I’ll certainly work with you. I am GOOD at what I do. All you have to do is get me the interview.



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  1. Well done! It’s hard to sit there and not scream “You’re stupid, you’re stupid!” Do I have a job? uh…no. 🙂

  2. JoulesDellinger says

    Ugh, I had the worst time working with recruiters when I lost my job. I would STALK THE CRAP out of them to have them set me up with an opportunity that I found and then they’d be the ones who would drop the ball. Look on the bright side, at least you’re not 5 months pregnant! =)

  3. Good luck with the interview next week. And good luck with the recruiters!!!

  4. It's A Dome Life says

    My friend has been complaining about job recruiters I am going to share this with her!

    • Nice! Recruiters are really not strong advocates for those looking for jobs. Then again, they aren’t really advocates for those looking for employees. To be perfectly honest, they’re mostly out for themselves. Thanks for sharing, Lily!

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