I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

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If you were allowed one do-over in life, what would it be?

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I pride myself on the fact that I don’t believe in regret. If I were going to do anything again, I like to think that I would do it all exactly the same. I truly believe in the butterfly effect, and that if I changed one hair on my head, one crumb on the floor, one butterfly in the garden, or one kiss on the cheek, my whole world would be completely and utterly changed.

And I like my world. Sure, I struggle with a little bit of depression. Sure, life has thrown me quite a few curve balls. But I have Brian. I have my family. I have my friends. And I have you.

Brian and Quirky Chrissy

This guy kinda makes my world go round.

Everything that I have done, everything that I will do, guides me as a creator and as a writer. I look back on the countless “mistakes” I made…and they all led me in the right direction. I am the person that I was always supposed to become. And I will never hope to be anything different. My life has shaped the person that I am. I eat fear for breakfast. With cheese. I write about my life. I write fiction. I create visions for myself and for my future. I have a plan. And I can only move forward from here.

So, if I were allowed one do over in life, I wouldn’t take it. Not for the world. Not for fame. Not for fortune. Not for anything. Not even for cheese. Because I can shape the rest of my life to get what I want…and this way, I’ll get to keep my people.

I leave you with this, Blog Friends– Instead of looking to the past, look to the future. What motivates you? What visions do you have? What will you do to make your life your own?

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  1. I could think of a few things I’d *omit* but I guess that counts as change… Damn Clare Abshire, she’s still fucking up my brain.

  2. I just love this. I’m going to try to start eating fear for breakfast (probably not with cheese, though)! My kids better look out!

  3. I love the post, I wouldn’t change a thing either. If I did, where would my sweet Dino be? Looking towards the future is a great way of thinking.

  4. jennsomethingclever says

    But what if you could go back, kill a butterfly, and prevent Ashton Kutcher from making that awful movie? Not even then??

  5. Love, Love your attitude. You’re right. We are all exactly where we need to be. Your photo is so cute. You look very happy. Cheers to all that’s ahead of you.

  6. Great way to look at it. Everything happens for a reason, yeah?

  7. Maybe I’d change those bad 80’s fashion choices, or going to the disco in a button down shirt and no bra? Easy or what?
    Then again… Who cares. I’m me and people love that. Great post.

  8. I am SO with you on this. I, too, believe in the Butterfly Effect! Other than a few major fashion errors, I live a life without regret. Also…I guess maybe I may have layed off a few more donuts. But, other than that, nothing 😉 Great post! Loving your blog!

  9. It's A Dome Life says

    You made me tear up a bit. This is exactly how I feel about my life too. Plus, you are the awesomist awesome so don’t change a thing!

  10. I love how you wrote this. & I agree with it all. Sometimes we need to remember what we need to be thankful for.

  11. Who’s that cute couple? 😉

  12. Fear with cheese – my favorite kind of pizza!

  13. That’s wonderful to have a life with no regrets!!! And, super-sweet pic of the both of you!! <3

  14. This is a wonderful, life affirming post. I love what you did with your prompt, and just for the record, I am a FIRM believer in the butterfly/ripple effect. You rocked this!

  15. I agree. My life isn’t perfect (far from it actually), but I wouldn’t do anything over either. I’ve seen enough time travel movies to know there are usually disastrous results. Happy with what I got. The good, the bad & the ugly.
    Jae Mac, I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

  16. Love it! Great perspective! I dig it!

  17. I said this exact thing to some of my extended family members… and they responded that it’s a convenient way of dodging responsibility for the bad choices I made in my past. People suck, man.

    I decided there is no such thing as a “good” choice or a “bad” choice. There are merely actions and paths, and where you go from here. Any so called “mistake” my family wishes I could change would result in a lack of my children. PASS. I happen to like my kids and my life just fine, thanks.

    Sorry to snarf your post here and own the comments. Apparently I’m bitter at my fam. Think I’ll be taking some space to enjoy my life and let them wallow in whatever angst they got going on over there on their own. Thank you for validating my firm belief that smelling the roses where you’re at and moving forward is definitely the best way to live. I think we call this growth? Or progress? Or a lack of stagnation? YES.

  18. There are times that I think about what life would be if I had done things differently. I work with girls helping them with their finances and going to college… and I think of the different financial and schooling choices I would’ve made. But it’s short lived. Then, I think I wouldn’t have my family – my son and daughter, my husband, being able to stay at home. I wouldn’t do anything differently although it means it’s cost me TONS!

    April @ 100lbCountdown.com

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