My Year as a Professional Contest Winner

The end of 2012 is near, and it’s time to reflect on the year. Each year is dubbed with a theme. 2010 was the experimental year… 2011 was the year I found Mr. Wonderful AND the career of my dreams.

2012 was my year as a professional contest winner. With the loss of my job in  January, I spent the majority of the year searching. And searching. And searching. I worked a summer position teaching reading comprehension (SO COOL!) I worked some freelance jobs and short term gigs, but still haven’t found my home in the copywriting world.

While I was waiting. And writing. And searching. I found myself winning contest after contest. $50 gift cards here. $50 gift cards there. A furniture set that was later yoinked from under me (I don’t really dig the Mix. Their communication wasn’t exactly stellar. I faxed them their paperwork…and yet they never managed to “receive” it. PSHA I say. They gave the set to the runner up. Whatever. It wasn’t the greatest set anyways. Our couch is WAY better.)

sweet couch

This is me testing out our sweet couch before we bought it.

In total I won the following this year:

  • Free food and stuff from McDonald’s
  • $50 Gift Card to Ultra Foods
  • $100 Gift Card to Victoria’s Secret
  • A Hair Flat Iron
  • $50 Carson’s Gift Card
  • 2-$10 Von Maur Gift Cards
  • 4-$20 Yorktown Mall Gift Cards
  • $80 in Certificates for JC Penney from their amazing Merry Christmas promotion

I think I did alright. I mean…Really…who wins that much shit in a year? It’s like I won the lottery…but instead of wasting money on lottery tickets, I ate a lot of Egg McMuffins on a biscuit instead of a muffin.

The Many Faces of a Professional Winner

this is what a winner looks like

this is what a winner looks like this is what a winner looks like


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  1. You need to give my husband some lessons on winning contests–he lost his job 3 months ago and there is NOTHING out there!! I could use a new couch…or maybe something other than black beans and rice for dinner every night…..

    • It’s easy! Just smile funny, make fun of yourself, and be SHAMELESS. Don’t be afraid to win the same contest 4 times because you notice that no one else is signing up 😉

  2. Wow, you are one lucky woman. You should be playing the lottery. Regularly. And when you win that one, remember your bloggy friends.!

  3. Wow, that’s pretty amazing. Did you try the lottery? I think with your luck I’d buy a lottery ticket, can you get one at the mall with one of your gift cards?

  4. You have inspired me! Good luck with the copy editing. I only have one or two clients and one is my DIL and the other is my son so I can’t really brag!!

  5. Holy Crap!! That’s one hell of a year. I’m unemployed too, maybe I need to look into this new fancy profession of yours! Oh and your couch is boss!

  6. I spent the year entering contests, too. If I don’t mention the enter:win ratio, or the time I spent entering giveaways, my results sound really impressive.

  7. You go, girl! Apparently, I need to start entering contests. Thanks for adding a great New Year’s resolution to my list 🙂

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