Merry Christmas!

Now get off the internet and go spend time with your family and/or friends.

What? You don’t celebrate Christmas? That’s totally cool. Go to the movies and out for Chinese food like everyone else.

What? You don’t have any family or friends? I’m sorry…GO MAKE SOME.

What? Your family is driving you crazy and you want to escape to the internet? Think about the people who don’t have family or friends and need to go make some.

What? You think I’m being a bitch? Put your big girl panties on and learn to take a joke.

Merry Christmas for real, blog friends. Merry Christmas. (I’m serious. Get off the internet. Take a break. It’ll be right here when you get back.)

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  1. I am trying to avoid more mopping…shhh.

    Merry Christmas!

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