Wordless Wednesday: My First Camera

My First Camera

Life as we know it by Paula

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  1. It's A Dome Life says

    I haven’t seen a camera like that since FOREVER! Love it.

  2. I was looking for the flash cube on top πŸ™‚

  3. OOMG! I remember those hahahaha ….actually I ran across a film from that and wanted to develop it but they said …they don’t do those nemore >.< sux for me

  4. Is there any available camera like that? I wish to have one! πŸ™‚

  5. YES! That camera is classic. Almost as classic as your hair and outfit. We would have totally been best friends. LOVE IT!!

  6. YES! You absolutely need all of those versions (expansion packs?) of Munchkin and so do I! Tell Santa for me, would ya ;)?

  7. Awesome “retro” photo! I had a disk camera which I still have somewhere. Thanks for linking up for WW!

  8. I adore that classic camera a lot! I wish that I could have it…LOL!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  9. Brings back memories.


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