Wordless Wednesday: Baby Chrissy

Baby Chrissy Swimming


Life as we know it by Paula

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  1. awwww soooo cute!

  2. Really cute photo! I can’t wait to take Jehryn swimming!

  3. Wow – that’s adorable!! True story, I have no idea how to swim.

    • Chrissy Woj says

      That makes me so sad! I live for the water. Shortly after that picture was taken, I refused to put my floaties back on!

  4. It's A Dome Life says

    Yay! How cute…like a baby dolphin. My sister was the same way in the water when we were kids. She was like a fish.


  1. […] fish or a fishy mammal in another life. Seriously, I’ve always loved being in the water. They threw me right in as a baby, and I’ve been in love ever […]

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