Sunday Evening News: In Which I was in the Newspaper

That’s right. I’m legit famous now. I was in the Chicago Tribune yesterday for my Black Friday shenanigans. You remember how I was boycotting “Black Thanksgiving?” It totally made the paper. Well, that and the fact that Mom, my sister, Mary, and I were all dolled up for “Bling on Black Friday,” in which we won all sorts of free gift cards.

Our local mall, Yorktown Center, hosts an annual Black Friday shindig. The first year was all about hats. The second year was ugly sweaters. This year was all about bling. Mom did princess bling with a tiara, a mink shawl (that was given to my great aunt and was once owned by the founder of World’s Finest Chocolate’s wife), and a fancy antique brooch. I did Christmas bling, with a necklace of bows and garland wrapped around me. Mary did glamazon bling with glitter everywhere. Mary even got a $50 gift card for painting her jeans in glitter.

Bling on Black Friday

You can read the newspaper article on the Chicago Tribune website. We’re about 3/4 of the way down.

They interviewed us for a pretty long time…I was a bit worried that I would sound totally unintelligent. I think I did alright. What do you think?


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  1. I love it!! Way to bling it out! I’m going to go read the article now.

  2. Why is Mary the only person on the planet who can rock sparkle pants effectively? I am so jealous!

  3. You’re famous! And I completely 100% agree with you about Black Thanksgiving. Blecch!!!

    Also, now have been seized with an irresistible urge to create and wear glitter pants. This could be a problem.

  4. So glad you included a pic, too funny. I can’t believe your local mall sponsors that, I think it’s brilliant. Who can get angry waiting in line with so many interesting people to look at?

  5. It's A Dome Life says

    You are famous and smart! The perfect combination.

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