Brian Shares Saturday: Random Pets and Christmas Music is Coming

Sometimes, I’ll tell Brian that I want a pet…you know like a puppy or a kitten. Even though I’m allergic to both. I tell him how wonderful it will be when we have a sweet little kitten to take gratuitous cat pictures of. Or to have a puppy waiting for us when we get home every night…

For some reason, he keeps suggesting other…less suitable pets. I blame the internet. Here are potential pets that my darling boyfriend has suggested:

A praying mantis or mantid or something creepy crawlie esque… This was in our early days of dating…to which I responded, “You’re frightening.”

There are plenty of strange animals that my boyfriend has suggested, and of course, I can’t, for the life of me, remember what they are…The most recent of which is a Hedgehog…I mean…it’s kinda cute and all. We could name it Sonic.

I’ve also asked for chickens…and a bunny. If I had a bunny, I would call him Bunnicula and train him to use a litter box. He would love me forever. And suck the juice from tomatoes.

Other Brian shares this week include:

Disney meets Star Wars, in which Brian proclaimed, “PERFECT for you!” (me)

A REALLY short story

and this was a few weeks ago, but now it is more true than ever…. You think my love for Halloween was big…just wait until you see my Christmas obsession. Brian might kill me before the holiday is up, because Lord Stark knows what’s up: Christmas Music is Coming.

That wraps up this week’s edition of shit Brian shares with me. Tune in next week for whatever memes pics and vids my boyfriend discovers for me.

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