Fall Swap: I Love Real Mail

Greetings friends!

This weekend, my mom called to inform me that a package had arrived. Excitement to the max ensued, as I was sure that my fall swap gift had arrived!


Mail for Chrissy!

What is a fall swap gift, you ask? Well, allow me to explain. The delightful Joules, over at Pocketful of Joules, began a Secret Santa-esque fun activity for bloggers. I found out about it, and thought how fun it would be to play with other bloggers, and joined up. You can read more about the Fall Swap on Joules’ site.

Excitedly, I opened the packaged. A lovely note in an envelope was enclosed:

A note

How cute, right?

So I dive deeper into the box to discover an adorable scarf! Brightly colored, and it looks to be handmade (which is freakin’ awesome!), I love it.

crocheted scarf

Brightly colored and adorable crocheted scarf

(OK, so Mom said it was crocheted and she was really impressed. I think it’s super quirky and fun, so I am equally as impressed!) Obvi, it was necessary to provide my loyal readers with a photo shoot. I considered putting on a really cute outfit to be all matchy matchy…but that just isn’t my style…sort of.

Modeling my new scarf

Modeling my new scarf

Cute Scarf

So Cute!

At this time, I really have to give mad props to Brian for putting up with me and my frequent photo shoots…which seem to becoming more of a thing with me. He almost always does it with a smile on his face (OK, usually he’s laughing at my ridiculous-ness.) Sometimes he vetoes photos, but this time he said that I could put them all up.

Check out my new scarf

Check out my new scarf! The traditional Chrissy-pose…

Can I copyright a pose? This one’s my favorite.

Love my scarf

I seriously love scarves

So my “secret fall swap blogger buddy” likely doesn’t know me too well, but she totally hit it on the head with a scarf. As we haven’t gotten too far into the cold weather here, I haven’t had the opportunity to rave on my love of scarves. I have a bazillion brightly colored joyous strings of fabric that wrap delicately carelessly fabulously around my neck throughout the fall and winter. I may not wear a coat, but you bet your ass I’ve got a scarf on!

Well played, “secret fall swap blogger buddy,” well played.

On that note, I’m supposed to guess who my secret buddy is…

I’ve decided that it is most definitely the brains behind Chewylicious, who writes a fun blog about all sorts of stuff! She crochets a lot, loves games, experiments with some unique cooking, and so much more. So, with my official guess, I’d like to send a humongous thank you to her for the lovely gift.

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  1. Yay comments work! That is the greatest scarf I’ve ever seen (except maybe for the one your mom made for me when we were in college- thanks Mom!) I wish I’d been able to pull off something that cool for my swapper. Alas. My only talent is shopping. 🙂

  2. I love that scarf. Rainbows and kittens? Yep, that pretty much sums you up in a nutshell.

  3. Oh my effing god, it’s a Nyan Cat scarf!! I want one. Must google scarf pattern. I love real mail too. So friends and I started swapping International care packages for birthdays. Its fun to get not only mail that isn’t a bill, but random presents.

    • Chrissy Woj says

      Greatest scarf ever, right? Care packages sound fun!

      • It is super cute. I need to get back into gear when it comes to crochet. I want to make a big chunky knit infinity scarf for this winter. I just need to get a good heavy cotton yarn. Good yarn is key. Care packages are awesome. Jasper gets International cat treats.

        • Chrissy Woj says

          That’s awesome. One day, I will have another cat, and he will be spoiled rotten. I just have to figure out what color paws I’m allergic to!

  4. JoulesDellinger says

    YAY, FALL SWAP is where it’s AT! =)

  5. Totally Chewy… also you for real rock that scarf.

  6. Love it! So I said to Little, Look, my friend Chewy made this…(I’m still trying to convince him to let me send Corner the blankie to her for a repair)…he says..OMG that’s a nyan cat!
    He made me google it…I totally get it! Fabulous!!
    check it out!


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