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Love With Food Box Review and a Super Black Friday Deal!

Good afternoon Blog Friends!

I’ve just returned from a rousing morning of Black Friday shopping where I made out like a bandit with a whole collection of Pyrex joy from 3 different stores (OK, my lovely aunt and fairy godmother was at Target last night to pick up one of those sets whilst I was dining on my 4th Thanksgiving deliciousness), lots of freebies from the mall, Victoria’s Secret, JC Penney and Sports Authority, and a few essentials that I’d been looking for.

And now it’s time to do a little online shopping. Or sleeping. One of those. But first, I wanted to give you my review of a recent Love With Food box, which I graciously received from the lovely people at Love With Food in order to offer you a SWEET review and a special Black Friday weekend offer.

Y’all know how much I love mail, right? Receiving and SENDING (Like Christmas cards…if you want one…) Well, I love getting packages. Especially packages full of surprises! And snack packs. So when these little Love with Food packs grace the PO with their presence, I am overjoyed. I also love that you can earn points for reviewing products and boxes to redeem more products and boxes! It’s super fun and easy.

The box I reviewed came with some things I LOVED and a few things that were okay, but there was plenty of joy in the box, totally worth the $10 monthly cost.

Dang Toasted Coconut
Dang Toasted Coconut: This stuff was amazing. By far, my fave thing in the snack box. They were a great snack, but also really good in yogurt and on cupcakes. Yum!
Pizelle Chocolate Wafers
Pizelle Chocolate Wafers: These moderately sweet treats were okay, though not my favorite as a standalone cookie. With hot chocolate, they’re PERFECT.
Torie and Howard Organic Candies
Torie and Howard Organic Candies: While not bad tasting, I’m not a big hard candy eater. Brian enjoyed them, and I did like the flavor of the one I tried.
Glee Gum
Glee Gum: I can’t chew gum, but Brian does regularly. He really liked these cute little packs.
Kind Fruit and Nut Bar
Kind Fruit and Nut Bar: This was awesome. I love fruit and nut bars, and this was tasty and healthy. Full of all the things I love.
Pixo Pearls
Pixo Pearls: So I haven’t had an opportunity to try these yet, but they’re really neat! Little apple cider vinegar pearls. Cool, right?
Happy Squeeze Organic Fruit and Veggie Juice
Happy Squeeze Organic Fruit and Veggie Juice: I was surprisingly impressed with this…once I squeeze it into a glass with a straw. I couldn’t drink it out of the package…same reason I can’t do those yogurt squeeze packs. Weirds me out. But still tasty.
Caveman Cookies
Caveman Cookies: These were a real winner. I was definitely afraid to try them, but for the sake of science, I had to. And I LOVED them!

So here’s what they’ve got going on THIS WEEKEND ONLY: You’ll get 20% OFF all Subscription Plans  AND every 6 or 12 month plan purchased comes with a Bonus – 2 Year subscription to Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine. So you get 6 or 12 months of snack packs in the mail for like…SUPER cheap. PLUS two years of magazine joy. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t do this.

Black Friday Special Love With Food

Love With Food - Snack Smart. Do Good.Disclaimer: Clicking the above button and ordering from Love With Food will give me points to redeem additional products from Love With Food. Thanks in advance!

Also, I received this snack pack for free, but all of the opinions are all mine. But you knew that already.

Does it sound good to you, Blog Friends? Which would you most like to try?


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